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  1. richoso1

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    The annual Tamale Festival is Dec. 1- 2 in downtown Indio, always first weekend in December. Ever type of tamale you can imagine, from homegrown to gourmet. Festival is free along with the parking, it is geared for the family, with some kid rides and 4 stages going with music and dancers. Average attendance for the 2 day event is about 150,000 tamale fans. I'll be there with friends coming down from Oxnard and other areas of So. Cal. Here's the link
  2. scotty

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    Did you have to remind me you rat[​IMG]

    I left san bernadino in about 1969 and that was the last time i had a real hand made tamale, DROOL DROOL

    I worked for gates rubber co. at that time and often went to st louis obispo to call on a car dealer.

    [​IMG] THERE WAS A LADY WITH A VAN[​IMG] It had the side cut out so she could serve customers. The tamales were totally hand made and so good it is not possible to describe.

    Now i must suffer as I remember.[​IMG]
    The filling was NOT goo like most places serve these days.

    I dont think i ever had eaten mexican food beforei moved to california either.
    I was into japanese, chinese, german and italian before i was transfered out west.

    Best motorcycle country ever.[​IMG]

    I had never seen a taco bell untill i moved to the LA area.
  3. cowgirl

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    That looks like fun richoso1, wish I lived closer.[​IMG]

    I'm getting ready to do some smoked butt tamales, I have the fixins, just waiting til canning season slows down.
  4. shellbellc

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    I've never had a tamale...I don't get the whole corn husk think going on...[​IMG]
  5. raypeel

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    I love them but they take me to long to make.
  6. richoso1

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    The corn husk is to help keep the moisture and heat in order to steam cook the tamale. It also prevents the dough (masa) from sticking to another tamale. It's a lot of work, usually done by friends or family members.
  7. goat

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    Rich, I have seen the Tamale Festival on TV. It looks to be quite a production and the selection of tamales has to be out of this world. I love tamales and have a tamale making machine (Tamale King), however I can buy some of the best in the country here in Uvalde for $7.00/doz. I work cheap, but I would not sell what I make for that price. Have fun at the festival, wish I could be there.
  8. dutch

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    Ah homemade tamales. My cousins wife made some of the best 'males I ever flipped a lip over. During the deer processing season she and her daughters would make 'em with shredded beef and pork and oh my her enchaladas where the best too.

    Now ya did it Rich, I just ate supper and now I'm hungry for some good Mexican food!

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