Snack Stick storage question?

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by payson, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. payson

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    I recently purchased a Hi Mountain snack stick kit that included everything from the cure to the 19 mm casings. (I believe that’s the size at least.) After smoking to an internal temp of 165 they are beautiful! Sorry, no pictures. Anyway, I’d like to take them to Utah on an upcoming hiking trip. I figure I’ll vacuum seal them into daily packs so only what gets eaten will be opened on any given day. My question is: will this be as safe as carrying beef jerky in a similar fashion? There will be no refrigeration but again, they’ll be vacuum packed. They are cured so I don’t see why not. My only hesitancy is the fact that they are a bit fattier than average beef jerky. About 15% fat content in the beef I used. HELP!!
  2. tasunkawitko

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    vacuum-packed and cured should be fine.

    the indians were mixing dried and pulverized meat with fat, then storing it in rawhide and brain-tanned leather bags long before any of us were around - i'm sure you should be fine.

    aside from that, look at the slim jims etc. that you buy at the C-stores - they are packaged similar to your idea and could probably survive a thermonuclear exchange.

    the daily-use packages are a good idea.
  3. payson

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    Thanks TasunkaWitko! I was actually thinking the same thing about Indians and pemmican (sp?)!
  4. tasunkawitko

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    yep - pemmican is what we're talking about. usually, it also ahd dried and pounded berries, wild onion or wild turnips in it as well. good stuff!

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