Smoking sundays! First packer!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by eppo, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. eppo

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    So I ordered a packer from my butcher for saturday. I'm going to have him separate the point from the flat. He said it will be about 10 pounds. Can't wait to smoke this thing up. Any tips? Should I use jeffs rub on it, or just salt pepper garlic?

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  2. smokinal

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    This must be packer weekend. I have one in the fridge that I plan on smoking this weekend or the first of next week. For the rub I use mustard, worsey, & Tones Canadian steak seasoning. I trim most of the fat off, then score the remaining fat in the direction of the grain. That way you will know how to slice it up. I put the brisket on the bottom rack and put the fat I trimmed off on the top rack so it drips on the brisket and you don't have to mop or spritz. I don't inject it or put a temp probe in it until at least 4 hours in. That way you don't have to worry about getting it to 140 IT in 4 hours. I also smoke at 210. Take the flat to 165-170 then foil with liquid if you want. Sometimes I do & sometimes I just let it go unfoiled. Finishing temp I go for is 205. Let rest for a couple of hours then slice. If your doing burnt ends with the point I take that off around 180, cube it up, toss with BBQ sauce & back on the smoker for 3 hours or so. Good luck & don't forget the Qview.
  3. dougmays

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    another good way, even though you dont have time to order, is to use's brikset rub.  that with some worsty is amazing! Does your butcher charge to separate the point and flat?  i wanted to get a packer but have never separated...was reading up on how to do it but if they'll do it for me that'd say alot of headache

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