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  1. hey y'all...

    Having a party and going to smoke a lasagna. Any suggestions on how to do it?  I guess just put the pyrex in the smoker with no foil? I am going to use smoked chicken ( leg quarters) and smoked pork as well as 3 types of cheese including sharp cheddar.  My tomato sauce will be 1/2 BBQ sauce. 

    I guess my main question is obvious... smoking lasagna... or mac & cheese.. or beans... no foil... right?


  2. Twingi

    No foil. If you foil it it will not get any smoke.

    Remember to post pics.

    Happy smoken.

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    Oh my lord can wait to see this one.... DROOL !
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  5. Thanks for all the replies... it seems obvious now for no foil.

    Looking forward to Saturday... besides the lasagna we are smoking.. 10lbs of sliders... 8 lbs of chicken drumsticks (brined).. a 7-1/2lb pork loin... a ham... sausages... a beef brisket.. a meat bullet.. 2 boston butts... beans (with smoked pork shoulder).. veggies.. and a 10lb bag of leg quarters for the chicken salad.

    Will post pictures when I recover!!


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    I haven't done this yet, but I would recommend using a disposable foil tin rather than the pyrex. I've used pyrex baking dishes in the smoker before. They are a bit of a pain to clean imo.

  8. Smoked lasagna has begun.  This is my first post with a picture... I am wondering if this is the way it should be posted?  Also wondering if there is any issues with showing brand names?  That being said... starting on the sauce tonite.  It's a homemade tomato sauce and going one to one with a BBQ sauce.  Slow cooking all night tonite and wanting it to solidify.  Will be adding a lot of minced garlic and that's probably about it.  The lasagna will be loaded with meat and thin-ish on the sauce.  Right now it is just sauce in a pan...

    The BBQ sauce is just one that was on sale... but it's pretty good.

    I am going to start a thread on the Waterfest party... which this dish is part of.


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    I've done this a few times. Don't add your top layer of cheese until the last 30 min of your cook time and run with no smoke.
  10. ATS32...

    Noted and thanks for the tip.  What did you use for your sauce?


  11. ats32

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    I made an italian sausage marinara and then smoked the marinara for a couple hours. No BBQ sauce added.

    The reasoning behind not having the cheese on top is I noticed it melted too fast, sealing off the rest of the lasagna from getting smoke, and it also over absorbed the smoke.

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