smoking fish ?????????????????

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    Ok,I have some lake trout soaking in a brine since yesterday....If there is such thing as fish jerky,how long do I smoke it and at what temp???? This is a propane smoker.....

    Do I just rinse the meat off real good and lay it on racks and use a pan of water under as usual...Never did any fish before.......Or have I ruined it by leaving it in the brine to long......Salt-brown sugar-and some soy sauce....
  2. You should be just fine. I have left fish in brine for several days and it turned out fine. I have used a little chief to make a lot of salmon and trout jerky and it takes many hours of smoking, sometimes 16 or more. I cant be sure of the temp but probably around 190. Everything depends on how thick the fish was and how much salt you used. Heavy salt brines pull lots of moisture out of the fish. I usually use 1/4 cup sea salt for 1 cup brown sugar then garlic ond ginger to taste and some grated orange peel. Put this on dry. If it is a thick fish cut into strips leaving the skin intact. The amount of water that comes out of the fish will supprise you. You can do this for several days and even after doing a conventional brine. the fish will get firmer and devellop a candylike exterior. Rinse her off and throw her in the smoker. I like to baste the chunks with honey and mollases mixed with whatever spices and a shot of scotch. Cook untill desired texture (atleast 150) Ill try to get you photos. I did some yesterday.

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