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  1. I know there are alot of posts about it..but i want to know where on the the smoke box(?) not in the firebox..should i place them in the coldest part to take the smoke?  or sorta in the middle?....then move to the hottest place to finish?

    im new to this smokin thing...i recieved it for my 53rd birthday from my folks,guess they tired of me saying...someday imma have one them smokers!!...this was just july 6th..ive down a big steak,shared by three of us..then a pork shoulder..wanted to do pulled pork samiches,but my dad said..oh no..let it rest until tomorrow and then rip it apart...nooooo it was hard to do then..and they (my folks) insisted it be done straight out the fridge ( disabled..not mentally,some say i am,,but thats another story,and i live in a 30 foot rv in the folks backyard)..anyway that was sooo nice when i pulled it out of the smoker...oh well live n learn eh?..also did a 1.7 pound  steak for myself on my bday...ate it all..but i was most deff full...LOL..pork chops tonight..perfection..but..ive got these bone in,skin on,super breasts to do saturday,and i have a couple coming to help me build a stand for something..and gonna nervous and i have no clue what to do with them...[​IMG]  [​IMG]
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    I agree with Case's suggestion , however , we need to know the type of Smoker you have , and a Q-view.

    normally , the way is to do an offset smoke . Fire on one side and  smoke generator under the opposite side .

    Kinda like this : 

    [​IMG]  not a great shot , but gives an idea . . .

    PM Me if you still have questions.

    Have fun and . . .

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