Smoking 2 turkeys at once on a masterbuilt xl propane smoker

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by robloco, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Hello all! I have a few questions about smoking 2 turkeys at once on my masterbuilt xl propane smoker, that i hope y'all can answer for me. The turkeys are about 14 lbs apiece and i plan on brining them. Do i need to put them in the oven first, for about 30 mins, to help speed up getting through the danger zone? If i cant fit both birds on 1 rack, and i have to end up putting them on 2 different racks, where 1 is underneath the other, do i need to put another drip pan between them to prevent contamination from the top 1 dripping onto the bottom 1? And lastly, does wood go bad? i know it sounds like a silly question, but i just want to make sure. I have had a few apple wood pieces about 12 inches long and about 4 in round, and ive had them for about 3 years now, are they still good to use for smoking? What do i need to look for to determine that they are? I have smoked single turkeys in the past using the indirect method on a charcoal grill, and i would lather the turkey with butter to prevent burning every hour, but ive also heard of people using apple juice spritzing instead. which one is better? Thank you for any info you can provide. May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Don't forget the pictures.
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    Yea don't forget the camera. I love a full smoker!
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    Thanks for the info, and i will get pix. :)
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    1 last question. I will be using the brine in my water pan during the smoke, so will i need to lather the turkey in butter or use an apple juice spritz, to help with moisture and keep skin from burning? or is it a waste of time? i used to do this every hour or when i added more wood. Thanks once again

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