Smokin with the Army of Northern Virginia

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  1. ...yes, it's mostly federal bureaucrats and contractors around here these days...and no real army.  Anyway...Jeff from Northern Virginia here. Been smoking successfully on a WSM for 3-4 years. Turning 50 this year and we all know what that means. New toys. Eyeing an upgrade coinciding with a patio remodeling project about a year from now. That may mean outdoor kitchen...or not. But will definitely mean a new smoking rig to decorate the new patio. Will be poking around here and asking questions. Hoping to get smart, or at least informed. Failing that, will take what I can get. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF! I hope you intend to take some time and document your plans so you can share them with us? Lot's of pics and such. You might be surprised by the amount of collaboration you will receive here. Nothing like a good build to get us all worked up! 
  3. Welcome. I live down 95 from you in Fredericksburg. I have 3 years AD with the army followed by 16 as an Air Force Civilian (Warner Robins, GA) & 15 years in DC with the Coast Guard. I've only been on this site for a couple of weeks but it's amazing, anything you want to know and people or so willing to's great!:welcome1::welcome1::welcome1::welcome1::welcome1:
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas

    Gary S
  5. Thanks all!  Looking forward to digging into this site.

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