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  1. I fairly new to smoking so maybe its just my newness but my smoker seems to get up to IT temps very quickly. For example I did a salmon filet and it took about 1.5 hrs to get up to an IT of 140 with a 200 temp setting. A pork 6 lb pork shoulder took about 3 hrs to get to an IT of 165 with a 225 temp setting. I thought at first is was my probe but I did the boiling water test and its spot on at 212 on the ET 732 maverick. Anyone else having this issue or should I just roll with it and not worry about it?
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    Several items here.

    1. The 212 degrees for boiling water applies only at sea level  Here is a link:

    2. The number 1 is a small smoker, well insulated, so you do not have so much empty space robbing you of heat.Consequently, your product may cook somewhat quicker.

    3. Regarding the pork shoulder:  For pulled pork, I smoke to an IT of 190/200, and that can take 12 to 16 hours depending upon the weight of the butt. But, if you are happy with the results you are getting, salmon, butts, whatever, then I would not worry.

    I will also suggest that you look over the forum at SI, and maybe someone there with a model 1 can provide some better answers/better help than I.
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    With my #1, I did an 8 pound pork butt overnight, From 10 PM through till 10 AM to get it to 195 with a setting of 225. Denser, less fatty meats will cook quicker. We did a 6 pound pork loin last weekend that was only 3.5 hours to 160 at 225. Both came out excellent if I do say so myself!
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  4. That seems about right on with my time for a pork loin bigbirdk so i wont sweat it. Everything tasted awesome so that's what really matters than the wife and I both have loved everything so far.  I live in Indianapolis sarge so I would suspect that im not real far above or below sea level. I just thought my maverick was way off since it was up to temp so quickly.

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