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Discussion in 'Food Safety' started by cajun smoke, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I know for the most part people don't clean the insides of their smokers to get all nice and seasoned, but what about the racks? When I finish smoking there is usually residual bits of food and drippings on the racks. I have been cleaning the racks after every smoke (which is a pain in the ass), but is that necessary? 
  2. rdknb

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    I clean mine also.  I know some say no need, but clean can never be bad.
  3. shoneyboy

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    My rack is made of expanded metal and then I have several wooden dowel rods that I use to hang my sausage on..... I usually just heat the expanded metal rack up and hit it with a wire brush. then I'll give it a once over with the hose....The dowel rods, I usually just use a scrubber and dish soap and give them a once over.....As far as the smoker, I have run it through the car wash 1 or 2 times on just high pressure rinse, just to knock off some of the extra build up...... Hope this helps....ShoneyBoy
  4. piaconis

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    I clean my grates after each smoke. I went to Sam's Club and bought a two-pack of restaraunt bus tubs so I can easily wash and rinse without tracking a bunch of dirt into the house. Just some antibacterial dish soap and one of those plastic grill scrubbers. If you clean regularly, it's a lot less scrubbing.

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  5. yeah thats pretty much exactly what i do now. i guess i should just stop being lazy and keep em reasonably clean lol. thanks guys
  6. I clean only the racks and drip pan with HOT water and Dawn. Don't use the dishwasher, afterwards everything sticks.
  7. jckdanls 07

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    I put my racks right on top of what's left of the charcoal and burn all the crud to a crisp... wire brush em.. then wipe em down with used veggy oil to keep from rusting...
  8. dad of four

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    I have a MES 40.  When I am through smoking, I soak an old bath towel(s) in water, fold it to the size of the rack, and and put it on top of the rack(s)

    I fire it back up to 275 and let it start steaming for an hour to loosen all the crud
  9. scarbelly

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    I wire brush them mostly and then I use the laundry room sink and a sponge with a scrubber about every 3 smokes.  
  10. jrod62

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    I use the gas grill to burn it off ( only time the gas grill get used anymore )
  11. I do the same as Jrod. I place all my racks and everything into the gas grill and put it on high. After everything burns off, the smoke clears, and the fire department leave, I easily brush off the racks with my grill brush. Everything is dust at that point anyway.Can't get much cleaner the 600 degrees ;)
  12. pat ferrante

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    i just take a wire brush and scrub it hard..and occasionally i will put it in the dishwasher and stick it on heavy wash pots and pans and that really gets it good!
  13. pit 4 brains

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    I do clean the inside of my GOSM just because it gets some dust, grass, dog hair, etc.. blown into it. For that I have found that oven cleaner works the best. It will remove all the decals off the control panel but it gets all the grime out. A little hosing out and a dry-out burn and its ready to go..
  14. chef jimmyj

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    Cleaning the racks is good so you are not putting old Rib schmutz on your newly smoked Cheese. But in terms of safety there is none. The preheat sterilizes the racks and you can put whatever you wish on them...JJ
  15. mofo

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    I always scrub mine after each cook, along with the water pan, even though I line it with foil, and the drip pan. 
  16. I clean my racks every time I use them, Easy-off oven cleaner than high pressuure washer works great, no scrubbing
  17. zackly

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    I just cleaned mine (GOSM) Saturday after a summer of smoking. Soaked them in the sink in dish detergent, scrubbed with nylon brush then used hottest/longest/toughest cycle of my dishwasher. Got them 90% clean which is fine for me. I wonder, can you put them in an electric oven & use the auto clean cycle while you are also cleaning the oven? I don't remove my oven racks during cleaning but they are much more substantial.
  18. amcjeep

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    I scrub mine with a grill wire brush after each use, and once or twice a year I will do a hot fire in mine and burn everything clean.  I have a chargriller smoking pro so the fire under the grates and in the smoke box is pretty easy and efficient.
  19. I think I stole this idea from you, and I have to say it works perfectly. I had tried everything I could think of to clean the window, and this was the best technique I was able to find. Just make sure you have heavy duty gloves to handle the heat!
  20. I'm sorry Cajun Smoke, I really wanted to say something helpful but I simply cannot stop staring at your Avitar. LOL

    Yummmmmmmmm I love me some bacon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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