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  1. anyone have one of these for a Weber kettle. the reviews sound like to company wrote them. i don't need one have plenty of ways to smoke but it sounds so good I'm scared to pass it up
  2. Answerd on a previous post.
  3. not sure if my post was posted not very bright

    wondering if anyone out there has or knows about the smokernator a devise that goes in a weber kettle holds fuel & chips with a water pan the reviews sounds like they were written by the company. i don't need ne but it sounds so good i think i have to have one
  4. I have had the smokenator for  a couple of years now and I like it. They use to have a very active forum and one question I can remember was trouble controling the temperature. I have never had trouble to speak of with my temp contol. The only problem I seem to have is toward the end of the cook. I seem to get below my 220 target and have a heck of a time getting the temp back up. I have done 4 slabs of spares and a couple of rings of kalbasa at one time, I've also done a pork butt, beef ribs and chicken. All turned out real good. I think it's worth the dollars paid. But then I'd buy anything that allows me to cheat a lttle and turn out Q like the pro's here!!!!

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