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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by macbillybob, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I posted pics of my smokehouse in the Smoker Builds section. Things didn't work as planned. Should have know first try would be an experiment.

    Invested in a cheap Brinkman smoker at Wal-Mart and did some modifications. The complaint on these smokers was the temp did not get high enough. PERFECT. That is what I want for cold smoking.

    Here is a link to my pics. Too many to do individually.

    Here is one:

    Hope people can see this. The smokehouse has been holding in the 80-95 degree range during my test this afternoon. Good smoke movement. I set the smoker up to put a computer fan on the front to push smoke through but right now it appears to draw without any forced air. Got the fan on a rheostat so I can control the amount of air being injected.
  2. Learned alot and hopefully this is the last remodel.

    Started with a hinged roof because I thought it would be at a low level. Since it was put on my new cabinet that didn't work.

    This version is ready for the weekend smoke.
  3. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sweet looking rig. So you are just using this to cold smoke?
  4. Orginally cold-smoking was the mission but here in Texas there is very limited time to cold smoke. I have actually smoked at around 100-120 when I did some bacon but most of what I have done is sausage. I usually start at 120-140 (on charcoal and hardwood only) and move up to around 200. I have an electric element (old smokey type) and can control the temp pretty well when I get up higher.
    I am smoking some BBB this weekend and will post pics. I have started a thread on Smoking Bacon.
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    All an all it looks like a nice build job. I really like your eye for the details on all ends. But the one thing I'm wondering about is the size. You cannt hang any bacon for the bellies that I have in the refrig is almost 24" long and you smoke box doesn'r look to be more than 18" or so. I think you should shoot for something like Rbranster's smokehouse in his profile above.
    That my pennies.
  6. I start small. I usually cut my bellies in quarters, so there is no problem. I do very small batches of everything, mostly 5 lbs of sausage or half a belly. Hell, I have to give away alot of what I make or I can't get into my freezer.

    I guess I am an "Artisan" smoker. Sounds cool right?

    Smoke generator is a cheap Brinkman box on the left (piped up under the smokehouse). I have plans for a brick smoke box some day.

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