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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sopha, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Bought some marbled sirloin tip steak and figured since i like medium rare-medium steak this would be a great starting point to practice on for my first time using my smoker. I bought one of those popular $99 gas smokers from wally world a week ago and was dying to try it out. I do the seasoning for around 2 hours and decide it's time to smoke some steak.

    I got the smoker up to 300 degrees and added the water soaked mesquite chips. After the temperature rose back to the 300 degrees i put on the steaks, one on each rack. BTW i figured this thing would be big enough, but i can already see a size problem hehe. Anyways i keep the temperature around 300 avg but did leave it for around 15 minutes and when i came back it had spiked to 350-360. I get the temp leveled back down and after the first hour i turn the steaks over, and add more water. 45 minutes after this i decide to lower the temp to 200 and let it cook till wife gets home. After a total of around 2 1/4 hours in the smoker it was time to dig in. Wife thought it looked raw but had to explain to her the smoke color that is added. Steak was around a medium to med rare in texture and reached the desired internal temperatures.

    All i have to say is wow the steak was amazing and when the kids asked for steak sauce as they usually do, i told them they wouldnt need it. As my kids ate their food they said "you know dad, u were right, we dont need any steak sauce!"

    Thanks to all that contribute to this site as ive learned quite a bit over the past few weeks reading on here. I have a OSU vs. USC party on saturday as im broadcasting the game on an outdoor 170" screen in full HD and having around 20-30 family and friends. Everyone raves about my usual chicken/buffalo wing recipes, ie fried then dipped in homemade sauce but they are in for a shock when they sink their teeth into the new SMOKED chicken wings. Im doing around 30 lbs of these bad boys so hopefully they turn out.

    Sorry no pictures as i was in a hurry and tending to a 2 1/2 yr old at same time. I will take pics of the party preperation however.
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    Sounds like you had success on the first try congrats. Be sure to stop by roll call and tell us a little about you and your new smoker. I'll be looking forward to that Qview of the big wing smoke.
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    I sure hope he's not a OSU fan, if so it might explain why we haven't heard back or seen any Qview yet. LOL [​IMG]

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