Smoked pork bean soup

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  1. In a previous post i had alot of Q's on smoking a ham, thanks again to all for helping me out.

    Now....I have this great looking smoked ham bone, how about bean soup!!!

    Any concoctions that you all would like to share.

    Again great bunch of smokers...thanks

  2. desertlites

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    I love a good bean soup-white northerns-sauted onion & garlic-cut up carrots,celery & really whatever u like-I also like to add fine cubed potatoes in the end-turns out more like a stew-don't forget chunks of ham. heck possibilitys are endless
  3. wmarkw

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    This is a family favorite. Absolutely my favorite.

    Bean Soup

    · Soak overnight 1 to 1.5 lb navy beans in water to cover. (l lb sack dried small navy beans)
    · Pour off the water. In heavy stock pot, cover beans with new water, salt lightly and cook on medium heat.
    While beans start to cook:
    · Brown 2-3 cups of diced celery and 1 large onion diced in 2TBs of butter over medium heat.
    · Add in excess pieces of ham and some fat to render flavor from the fat to the onion/celery mixture.
    · Sautee the onion, celery, and ham mixture until ham/fat starts to brown up.
    · Place ham remains (bone and meat on the bone and all excess meat) into simmering bean concoction.
    · Add the onion, celery, and ham mixture all to the stock pot and simmer on low heat for about 6 hours or until tender.
    · Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of black pepper during simmering process. (Start with one and then add more if desired; you can add but can’t take away!)
    · You may add salt but remember Ham is naturally salty so after a couple hours of simmering taste and adjust for your preference.
    · Add water as necessary as soup cooks as the stock will reduce.
    · After six hours, remove bone from soup and pick clean all ham from the bone and place the meat back into the soup. The ham should start to shred, if not take the bigger chunks and pull apart, etc.
    · The beans will be soft so take a potato masher and give the beans/soup a good mashing to break up/squish the beans. This should be a light chunky soup consistency. You do not want to be eating whole beans (like chili).
    · Add a dash of Tabasco for flavor.
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    My personal favorite is to simmer some greens(chard, collards, mustards, etc.)in some ham stock until tender. Remove greens from stock but leave real wet. Add chunks of ham and pre cooked beans of your choice(northern, pintos, blackeye peas etc.) Serve with corn bread and you'll have it goin on.

  5. bauchjw

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    seven years later.... Thank you for posting this! My wife and I used the recipe and really loved it!

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