smoked beef hearts, cure or no cure?

Discussion in 'Nose to Tail' started by chicagorare, Sep 22, 2017.

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    I've been playing with beef hearts lately, a local place has them on a regular basis for $1.29/lb and they are surpisingly easy to cook and tasty (to me).  I recent tried smoking one, aimed for 8 hours, but ended up 12.  Wrapped it and set it in the fridge overnight, then sliced, at it was heaven.  I am now considering a doing a batch of 4, but have seen some conflicting opinoins about where to cure it first.  I have Prague, Insta, and Mortons, but only use them for jerky.  Any reason I should consider curing this next batch?  I'm not brining it first (i think this is the decision point on curing or not, right?), and I am making sure to bring it 140-160 at some point.


    If it matters this a bradley 4 rack digital, I'm doing 3 hours smoke (hickory or mesquite) then the rest without.  200 for first hour, then 140 for next 8, then crank the heat until internal is acceptable then pull.
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    All meat that is smoked, at a temperature less than 225, should have cure #1 protecting it from growing botulism...  
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    Thanks for clarification on when to use Cure #1.

    The deer heart looks great, definately not too rare for my taste.

    So I had already smoked it before getting these replies.  Another forum suggested no cure, just 225 until internal is 150.  I ended up doing 4 hours at 225, then had to leave for a few hours so set it to 180 for another 3, then when i got home I cranked the heat until the internal was 150-160.  This time I sliced it while it was still warm. 

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    Being a whole muscle, as long as you didn't prod it poke it and you reached an internal temp of 140 in four hours or less you should be fine.

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