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  1. I smoked my first fatty, shrooms, and butt this weekend !!!!! All turned out pretty well.  I did have some trouble with the fatty.  In an attempt to not BECOME a fatty I wrapped it in turkey bacon which just isnt long enough to go all the way around.  I'm to scared to even try the weave at this point.  Sent all meat to the icechest so I could brine for a while.  Unwrapped and took pics for qview... please be gentle..I know thats one ugly fatty . it was my first time !!!

    ps... I gave Jeff's bbq sauce a try and I think I fell in love  [​IMG].

    I've since been CRAVING it and putting it on just about everything ...EXCELLENT!!  [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey?? Where did all my descriptions go ???? Dang !!!!

    By the way...sirsmokesalot1 is female. (just to explain the altering of fat content/calories in the fixins')
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    Everything looks great!
  4. Thanks Al !
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  6. sqwib

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    Looks great
  7. sqwib

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    DP Sorry
  8. sqwib

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    Tried to edit my post 3 times I GIVE UP!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks SQWIB.... a two thumbs up !!!! WOW... I feel so special !
  10. I'll bet it all tasted damn good.
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    Looks geat from here

    There is no such thing as an ugly fattie, Some just have more character than others [​IMG]

  12. Thanks Scott and Raptor !!! I guess mine did have some 'character'... it was all pretty good eats for sure !!!
  13. I'll eat it!!!!!!!

    Good job!!!!!
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    Now that is some fine looking Q you have there little missy.
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    Looks good to me! I still need to try a fattie - the bacon on yours looks great - nice and crisp![​IMG]
  16. Thanks Burgi, mballi3011 and rc1991.  That bacon is turkey bacon.  I've been using it on lots of things to reduce the fat.  My husband actually loves it now too !!! It does crisp great ... even on ABT's !!!
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