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  1. I have been trying to get my garden till for a while but this crazy weather keeps interfering. Grandson got first tilling done last Monday rained a couple days, supposed to rain again today. I am waiting on #2 son to bring me some cow manure so I can till it in, then I'll be ready. My garden is only about 12' wide by 40' long it's plenty big for me and the Mrs. usually giving the neighbors stuff as well. We have still had temps down in the low 30's a few times, so maybe that is all behind us. I started some new seeds in the garage "Summer Girl" tomatoes .  We usually do several kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, peppers (several types) a little corn beans, onions and a few other things I can squeeze  in. Then in the fall we usually plant a few fall veggies. Wife cans and freezes so we can enjoy all year. I really hate going to the store and buying those overpriced, no tasting tomatoes and veggies. Always look forward to the fresh stuff out of the garden. Pictures to follow

    Gary S
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    Sounds like a good start hope the weather straightens out it sure has been wet across the south lately
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    I am very jealous. I can't even thing about putting out the cold tolerant crops until the beginning of May. Tomatoes and Peppers go out under Cozy Coats in the middle of May as there is always the risk of frost until the beginning of June. However it is a trade off for living in the mountains.

    Your garden and your early start make me jealous anyway.

  4. Thanks Piney & Disco
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    Hey..... Garden time...... Do you have to deal with Fire Ants where you are at.
  6. Hey Dave yes we do, I went out yesterday and sprinkled ant killer on about 6-7 mounds

  7. daveomak

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    Have you tried Bifenthrin ??? I had a pesticide applicators license and use it around the house for ants, ticks, fleas, spiders, termites.... and use it inside the house where those crawly things enter..... Good stuff..... available on Amazon......

    Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide used primarily against the red imported fire ant by influencing its nerve system. It has a high toxicity to aquatic organisms. Although it is listed as a restricted use chemical in the United States, it is allowed to be sold for daily use, provided that the product sold has a low concentration of bifenthrin. The chemical was discovered and developed by FMC Corporation. Products containg Bifenthrin include Talstar, Maxxthor, Capture, Brigade, Bifenthrine, Ortho Home Defense Max, Bifen IT, Bifen L/P, Torant, Zipak, Scotts LawnPro Step 3, Wisdom TC Flowable, FMC 54800 and OMS3024.[1]
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  8. Thanks Dave, I'll check it out, Question I have been using Demon WP for years for regular pest control, I started using it years ago when we lived at the lake mainly for spider control especially down at the boat house Wondering if has that same pyrethroid in it ? I am out of it so I can't check But if it is the same stuff great if not I will definitely get what you are suggesting, I am sick of fighting those Fire ants bad enough when thy bite me but my wife is somewhat allergic to them, really gives her problems. 

    Thanks again 

    Gary S
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    I agree Gary, nothin like the fresh stuff ya grow in your own garden.... We are gettin supplies together to build us a greenhouse... :yahoo: Can't wait for that !! Kinda like for the most part, our beef, pork, chicken we get from local folks around the area..... Just hard to go back to store bought stuff when you've had the fresh & local stuff !!

    Take care,

  10. Here it is after the first tilling 

  11. Sorry about the extra pictures. Thought I only had a couple in that folder
  12. whistech

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    Gary S, beautiful garden and home you have there.
  13. hickorybutt

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    Looks good Gary.
  14. Thanks all, probably try and get it finished and ready for plants and seeds tomorrow.

    Gary S
  15. Took Dave's advice on ant killer ordered from Amazon  about twenty two bucks. these fire ants are a real problem around here.


    Bifen XTS 25.1% Bifenthrin Oil Base Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Concentrate 32 oz quart 
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    Nice start to a garden! Can't wait to see the fresh veggies.
    I'm still learning.....grandfather is still teaching me.
  17. Here is a picture of my Summer Girl Tomato's  I ordered the seeds from Gurney's  Never tried these before, Neighbor read a piece in the paper about how great these are so we are going to find out. Planted the seeds about a week and a half ago. You can see about half those little buggers popping up, won't be long

  18. 15 bags of Black Cow Manure and some 13-13-13 all tilled in and ready to plant, But !!!!!  supposed to rain the next two days.

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    I use the Bifenthrin (granules) as well ... We have Southern Ag and Insecticide here close by(2 miles away) ... I cover the whole yard and put extra up around the house (especially around doors and windows)... It works GREAT on ridding the yard of fire ants... last's up to 2 yrs ... also controls the little black ants that get in the house.... Pro Lawn 25lb fin.pdf
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  20. txsmokedlk

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    Can either of you tell me what the label on this Bifenthrin says about pets. Not to mention I fight ants and other critters. But my biggest problem are cicada killers.....yes that's the real name. I haven't found a chemical that will kill these yet. Catching them in the grass and use scissors has worked the best.

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