Simple Crunchy Fermented Pickles

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  1. Figured id share this recipie since its turned out extremely well,especially since its my first time trying it.Have done dills for years using vinegar,dill,salt,etc etc than water bathed canned for the pantry.I found it hard because to have crunchy pickles they should be fresh(without adding any other product for crispness-alum lime pickle crisp etc)and its time consuming to set up and can for small amounts at short intervals.Sooooo producing excellent quality pickles with a new twist for myself.....has been tried and proovin in my kitchen:))Wont be going back to old canning methods any time soon:)Heres the recipie i used.....
    8L spring water
    18TB kosher salt
    4-6 cloves fresh garlic
    1 TB fresh ground pepper
    Lottsa FRESH dill:) 6 good sized flowers/with stalks to each 8L batch
    Also added 3TB dried jalapeno pepper mix(didnt make much difference in heat)

    Thats it!Disolve salt in bucket and stir till completely mixed.Add ingredients and pile on the cukes.....adding more each day...i try to pic when theyre around 4-7".Weight down with glass plate and cup of water.....cover loosely.After 4-5 days a white film will form on surface...perfectly normal.Skim off any mold that may appear,but ive had minimal since everything remains submerged in the brine.I keep my buckets in the kitchen(70-80 degrees this time of year)When buckets get full i transfer the finished pickles to 4L mason hars with brine and refridgerate:)Mix up new brine as needed.Its that easy and healthy tooo!!Heres few pics(couple of fermenting in jars before i switched to 5 gallon food grade pails)enjoy!!
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    Looks great. I like making counter top pickles. Just wish we'd get pickling cuc's here. Hard to find in my neck of the woods!
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Oh yeah, Points!
  4. bluewhisper

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    Yes, dill flowerheads are packed with flavor. This is my first year gardening at this house, and I put in two dill plants with the hope that dill will become a nuisance weed as it was at the house I sold. It was popping up randomly all over the place so I almost always had fresh dill on hand.

    And then there were the garlic chives, allium tuberosum. I repeatedly failed in efforts to eradicate it but boy was it useful in the kitchen. It would have worked well in your recipe.
  5. Thanks DS!im assuming countertop u mean fermented as well?Most of the cukes producing in my garden are large grade...i try to get them each day before the get to large for actual pickling cukes died off:(
  6. Sounds like u had little goldmine there!cant beat fresh!
  7. bluewhisper

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    My mother used a similar method and the pickles would change day to day as they picked up more salt from the brine. Same method with the plate to hold them down.
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    Yep exactly. I didn't do any this year. No good cuc's around to make it worth while.
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    They sure look good!

    I love pickles & eat them everyday!

  10. Thanks folks,the cukes are slowing down now but still getting 8-10 per day which is slowly starting to overwhelm all the 5gallon pails in my kitchen!good thing im currently living alone lol
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    Perfect pickle project = points!

  12. chef jimmyj

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    Before the days of worrying that Sicko's would poison unsealed bottles of Tylenol, the only pickles we ate were naturally fermented in big barrels. I think the Deli man's Hairy Arm added to the flavor over time!...Nice job...JJ
  13. Thanks Disco!
  14. Thanks for the kind words folks!Defenitely an interestin first project for me,trying a bucket now with just salt ,fresh ground pepper,jalapenos and lottsa fresh garlic!phewwwwww they are hot !!!!lol

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