Silver lake pics, and results!

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    OK, I didn't want to "junk-up " the silver lake thread, so I started another. I had a great time this weekend at the Apple and BBQ Festival at silver lake( Mears) Mi. I was there to help one of my new BBQ friends compete. He really doesn't need anyones help. He is a pretty masterful fella. He does have some issues with mobility( Hip troubles) but gets around nicely, and is a well respected compeditor, mentor and good friend to most comp teams on the circuit. Thanks for trusting me and allowing to help and learn Ford, I will always remember this weekend as my first large Comp, even though it wasn't my team, or cooker. We didn't have alot of faith in our turn ins, and the ones that we like least, seemed to score best.[​IMG] We did manage a 3rd place in pork, and an 8th place overrall. When I do get the whole run down, or if someone else does, please post it here so we can see how the other Mich, and SMF teams did.
    OK some pics.

    These folks were part of the backyard competition. It is a smaller version of the KCBS, and you only cook ribs and wings, entry fee is 25 bucks I think, and they can win some money and a trophy.I may do this next year, if funds continue to be a desiding factor for my absence from these things.

    I am terrible with names and I am sorry, They placed first in ribs, and won the grand champion(overall scores). His pit is home made, and quite sharp. I think they are local, and I spend alot of time talking with them on friday.Very nice folks.
    These are some more pics of the backyard division. There were 14 teams competing, and they ranged from a Lang 84 size to charcoal Grills, or ECB's.

    Lotsa nice folks, havin a good time! one more of that group!

    Now to the Big show!This is my friend Dale, he owns a catering company and also rents these pits out for parties and such.Great guy, who is partnered by his wife an an occassional friend.

    These folks are the Bates team, and they are alot of fun. I had a great time with them and their friend Marian(with the glasses).Marian came up from Florida to help them,we had many drinks together throughout the weekend. John, the team leader is not pictured, he is a busy bee for sure and is a huge part of getting these comps into Michigan.

    This guy, Matt had many awards, and his creative pit and site decorations were a big hit with many folks including me!His Lil Red Wagon team placed 4th overrall, ans he had a couple checks and trophies in hand. It was Matt's second KCBS event. How about that![​IMG]

    Alot of folks know these guys, Crewdog (far left) is a member of the Smokin scottsmen team( Tonto 1117 on smf) and next to him is BBQ Bubba, then his team member for RSS BBQ, and then Mike( spyder mike here at smf), and another member who I don't remember the name, sorry!

    I wish I woulda got more pics, and saturdays pics turned out real blurry, maybe cuz of the rain and humidity, I don't know. I just wanted to give some of you a look at what goes on at these things. Lotsa families cooking together, along with crews that party all night long.[​IMG]

    If ya ever get a chance to visit one of these comps, you should do it. Most of the time the admission is free or very cheap, the food is awesome, and the sights are many.If you ever get the chance to cook or participate in these events, the memories will last a lifetime!.
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    Thanks Dan... man, BBQ sure causes alot of smiles! Even in the rain! Nice shots!

    Congrats to the teams as well.. seems Scottsmen did durn fine!
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    Great post , thanks for sharing [​IMG]

    And :

    Um , well , if you say so [​IMG]

    LOL just kidding , thanks for the pics [​IMG]
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    I really enjoyed the descriptions and pictures! I wish we had comps like that here in Maine. I would be there with my Twiggy's competing with the big boys!!!

    Looks like fun:)

  5. crewdawg52

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    Great pics Dan! Great seeing you and everyone else again. Hope to see more/ new faces on the "circuit" soon.

  6. motorhedd

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    Very nice!Good job reporter capt dan![​IMG]
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    Looks like lots of fun Dan thanks for sharing
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    Here are some of the results!

    Here are the full top 10s...

    1- Quau
    2- Extreme Roasters
    3- Grilladelic
    4- Red Wagon BBQ
    5- Brazen Q
    6- Coyote Cafe
    7- M22 BBQ
    8- Donnies BBQ
    9- Hot Smokey And Righteous
    10- Pork of the North

    1-Motley Que Crew
    2-All Day Smoke
    3-Extreme Roasters
    4-Red Wagon BBQ
    5-Bavarian Smoke
    6-Cancer Sucks
    7-M22 BBQ

    8-Home Smokin
    9-Straight Meat
    10-Aww Hell

    Pork :
    1-All Day Smoke
    2-Big Moe's
    3-Great Lakes BBQ/Feed
    4-Smokin Scottsmen
    5-Cancer Sucks

    6-Hickory Bbq and Grill
    8-Red Wagon Bbq
    9-Roadmaster Bbq
    10-Motley Que Crew

    1-Extreme Roasters
    3-Pork of the North
    4-All Day Smoke
    5-Rubbed Smoked Sauced
    6-Straight Meat Bbq
    7-Smokin Scottsmen
    8-M22 Bbq

    9-Red Wagon Bbq
    10-Down Home Bbq
  9. capt dan

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    Here are the Top 11 Overall:

    1. All Day Smoke (GC)
    2. Extreme Roasters (RGC)
    3. Quau
    4. Red Wagon BBQ
    5. Smokin Scotsmen
    7. M22 Barbecue
    8. Great Lakes BBQ/Feed Co
    9. Pork of the North
    10. Straight Meat BBQ Boys
    11. Rubbed Smoked and Sauced
    (Brethren Teams in Bold)
  10. bbqgoddess

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    Nice post Capt. Dan,
    I think you have just become the SMF reporter at large in MI!!
  11. cowgirl

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    Great! Congratulations to everyone. Sure looks like a lot of fun!
  12. capt dan

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    I would love that job, what does it pay anyways?[​IMG]
  13. crewdawg52

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    Free BBQ! You get all the Que that wasn't turned in to be judged!!!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. AAARRGGGH - cracking report - and it just rubs in the fact that I'm marooned 5'000 miles away on a small rainy island where the average inhabitants idea of bbq is cheap burgers cremated on a small open grill.

    You guys have no idea how lucky you are that you can go to these events and even take part in them.
    I'm going to stand outside in the rain and cry now ....
  15. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    hehehe. Thats a good one ardvark.

    I guess its one more reason for us to be glad to live in the good ole USA.![​IMG]

    By the way, no way was that meant to be a knock on one of our best allies. Aussies rule!
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    Makes me wish that I had remembered my camera in a way. If I brought it Saturday it would have been ruined, I was soaked to the bone.

    [​IMG]love the q-view & there was so much more to see too[​IMG]
  17. Great Pics and some really nice rigs - bet you ate like a king for the weekend! thanks for posting.
  18. capt

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    Looks good Dan!
  19. capt dan

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  20. flyin'illini

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    CD - Thanks for posting up the pics. Glad to see you got to hang with Ford. I recall from Eagle his set-up is VERY nice. Congrats to the Scotsmen and RSS teams!

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