Shrimp & Scallops w/Lemony Soy Marinade

Discussion in 'Fish' started by muralboy, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. muralboy

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    First time doing shrimp/scallops on pellet grill. Added subtle wood smoke flavor. Definitely a repeat

  2. driedstick

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    Dang it man that looks great, Nice job. 

    What temp and how long did they go for?? any Marinade or something special on them??

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking meal, but man we need more info!
  4. I clicked on this to see what the lemony soy marinade is - and you left me hangin!

    C'mon man - more details!
  5. muralboy

    muralboy Smoking Fanatic

    Sorry - kind of a newbie at positing

    In full disclosure, i adapted this from a recipe I found on the Food & Wine website.


    1 1/2 cups low­sodium soy sauce

    1 cup mirin

    1 cup sake

    2 lemons, very thinly sliced

    2 jalapeños, very thinly sliced

    1 pound medium shrimp, shelled and deveined

    1 pound large sea scallops 

    1. In a glass or ceramic baking dish,combine the soy sauce with the mirin, sake, lemon slices and jalapeños.

    2. Thread the shrimp onto 8 pairs of bamboo skewers and add them to the marinade, turning to coat. Repeat with the scallops.  Refrigerate the seafood for 30 minutes, turning once halfway through, then drain.

    3. Brush the shrimp and scallops with oil and grill over high heat, turning once or twice, until lightly charred, about 4 minutes. Serve right away.  Grill temp set at 350 deg F.

    Hope this helps.
  6. crazymoon

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    MB, they look delicious!

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