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  1. I kind of like the texture of store bought patties. When I make my patties, they seem to be more dense and packed together than I prefer. I coarse grind once now. I was coarse grinding and then moving to the next less coarse grind plate. I grind once, add my spices. I have also been adding non-fat dry milk as a binder. Then I use a press to mash out my patties. Is my press compressing to much? Do I need to add the binder? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    I don't use binder in my breakfast sausage . I stuff into 1lb. Meat bags then slice when it's semi frozen .
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  4. Quote:
    Is it the actual TEXTURE of your patties that you don't like?  I ran into the same issue with my breakfast sausage as well - it came out more as "little pork patties that tasted like sausage" rather than actual breakfast sausage texture (I use Jimmy Dean as my reference texture).  I keep 5# vacuum bagged portions of 85/15 cubed butt mix that I use as most of my bases for any sausage, then grind that through the smallest plate on my grinder after seasoning and leaving in the fridge overnight.  I have a 1/2" piece of 3" ABS that I use as my patty mold and put a 2 oz ball of ground mix in and press with my hand to form my patties, then freeze and portion into 4 patty vacuum bags to make breakfast sized servings for wife and I.

    That went on for a bit until I got tired of the texture as you did.  My solution is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda per pound of pork to my seasoning before I mix them in (ex. 1 1/4 t for 5# meat).  It keeps the proteins from the meat from binding as tightly as they want to when you cook it.  It REALLY improves the texture and doesn't detract from the flavor at all.  Stands up to the cro-magnon patty forming method that I use as well.  It also works for those that pack their meat into chubs for slicing, and I agree with the advice to skip the binder on breakfast sausage.

    Hope that helps.

    Give it a try.  It's part of my standard recipe now.
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    Try cutting the non-fat dry milk powder in half...

    If you totally cut out the NFDMP, mix the heck out of the meat until it gets sticky, VERY sticky..  that's the proteins coagulating and it will hold the patty together, maybe without the chewiness...  If you want to retain "tooth" texture, grind 1/2 of the meat through a fine plate and 1/2 through a coarser plate so you have something to chew on...  That's what I do...

    If they come out too dry for your liking, you can add Sodium Tripolyphosphate...  it holds and retains the natural moisture of the meat...  It is added at a rate of 0.3-0.5% weight of the meat....  I use it in my sausage and sticks...   Amazon has this stuff....

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    Phosphates..... one of the best kept secrets in ground food making.  I also use it, but in the Butcher & Packer and Ames Phos brands (same thing and serves the same purpose).  And before someone wigs out about 'additives', phosphates are also a naturally occurring compound and phosphorus is found in just about every food product made (natural and otherwise).
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    Thanks Dave....   Yep....   I think you told me about B&P's stuff awhile back....  It's all good...   I just use Amazon for convenience and because that's the brand I use...   It's all the same...   Just different names...    Iffin DWard recommends it.... it's got to be good....

    [​IMG] This will use your Store Name set in Configuration > My Store > Store Name, otherwise you can just change it manually to something else

    bof-navigation display

    Special Meat Binder (1lb)

    eof Product Namebof Product Price block


    eof Product Price block bof free ship icon eof free ship icon bof Product description

    Here is a product which can eliminate the need for any other form of meat binder. Soy protein concentrate, milk powder, whey, starches, and gums are all binders which are used to retain water which makes you think you are getting more. These binders are ineffective for the most part of holding water and the natural juices which are in the meat at temperatures in excess of 165°F. In the meat industry these products are known as fillers and are basically used in cheaper meat formulas. To use the Natural Protein in the meat is the only way to make a wholesome product, and our Special Meat Binder is especially formulated to do just that. Just use 2 oz in 25 pounds of meat instead of soy protein concentrate or any other binder and enjoy a moist and tastier product.
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    I use it in all my snack sticks, and most of my sausage.  Just don't go crazy with it.   There is also a carrot based binder that NEPAS has used and had good results with, but I have not tried that one yet.  I have too much B&P 414 and AmesPhos on hand to order another binder right now.  Oh, and AmesPhos is another option to the B&P or the one DaveO bought on amazon should work just fine also.
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