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  1. I would like know if you can freeze sausage casings that come in a plastic tub salted down real well?

    The store where I buy them is going to close in a couple months, and I like to stock up on them before that happens if they freeze well

    thank you

  2. jckdanls 07

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    I bought a pack (natural hog) from my local butcher shop.. the were frozen when he handed them to me and I put em back in the freezer when I got home... 6 mths later I used them and they were fine ...
  3. danmcg

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    They are best refrigerated, not frozen. Being salt dried they will last for a long time, a year or better.
  4. reinhard

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    I agree with Dan here.  In my opinion natural casings should not be frozen for an extended period of time.  Freezing will weaken the casings and sometimes make them dry, brittle and hard to use. It's best to drain unused casings and store covered in dry salt sealed in a plastic dish or plastic zip bag in the fridge.  Stored this way the casings can last over two years or more.  Buy casings as you need them.  You can buy casings on line anytime if there is no supplier near you.  I make sausage all year long so my casings are used on a regular basis.  No need to freeze them,  salt them down good and your good to go.  Reinhard
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