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    Even with working out I put on about 15 pounds in the past 5 months . . . A lot of it because the posts here drive me to smoking awesome food! The cold smoked cheese, pounds of brown sugar rubs, beef, PP bark, bacon, sausage, and on and on. So I've had to start making some drastic calorie cuts and do some other things to be healthier. I picked up some Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime for a batch of chicken breasts tonight and Mrs Dash Chipotle to test on a Pulled Pork. Both are salt and sugar free. I put this in General Discussion because I'm crossing a lot of lanes.

    First chicken:
    Smoked in MES at 275 with hickory.
    My daughter decided MES needed some personality. One huge benefit to the MES! No way I'd let her get too close to my kettles or Offset!

    Chicken came out awesome! Hickory smoke goes perfect with Fiesta Lime rub. I made enough to chop up for chicken salad and stuffed peppers. This also would go great with smoked Gouda BBQ pizza and a little cilantro!

    I won't lie and say that I don't miss the salt, but there is a ton of flavor that makes this very satisfying. For anyone interested in cutting salt down/out I recommend it.
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    Pork butt went on last night as the chicken came off. This was Mrs Dash Chipotle rub. Again no salt or sugar. MES at 225 with hickory. Going onto 16 hours currently and IT at 190.
    Pork butt turned out perfect. I Didnt miss salt or sugar in this. Wonderful complex taste that was very daisy inf. SWMBO liked it more than other smokes! She's using it for tacos now!
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  3. Rick,Nice Smoke! 

    you might want to give the salt free seasonings from the "Paul Prudome" seasonings. we have been using them (as well as others) for quite awhile.

  4. Looks good without the sugar and salt!!!

    I rarely use sugar in my rubs. It's not a flavor I seek/desire in smoked meats(or most any food). If I want to add it later in the smoke, I can use any number of sauces(both homemade and commercial). 

    As to the salt content, I have been making my meals low sodium(doctor's recommendation) for years. I've found the addition of celery seed(ground or toasted whole), gives the food a subtle, salty flavor. Now, when I go eat at restaurants, I leave feeling dehydrated and with chapped lips, no matter how much water I drink.  

    After a while, you'll become accustomed to using less salt and sugar in your meal preparations. [​IMG]  
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    Thank you Tom, I will definitely give them a shot!
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    Thank you Sir. Funny Pavlovian thing for me, I'm not a big salt/sugar person. It's just BBQ/ smoking meat that triggers a desire. The PP and chicken are a step!
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