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  1. Hey all,

    First non-roll call posting here and hoping for some community help. I'm still a smoking newb and trying out the side fire box on my new smoker for the first time this weekend. Here in lies the problem: My fiancee is allergic to capsicum (the chemical in chilies that makes them hot) so I'm looking for a rub recipe that is still awesome but doesn't contain any red pepper. She can tolerate chili power, and small amounts of paprika but no cayenne or anything else.

    That said, I'm a hot head and love me some spicy food so I'd also appreciate any tried and true kicked up rubs that people have. I'm hoping to do two pork butts this weekend and test drive a few rubs. Thanks in advance.
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    I just threw a set of St.Louis ribs on, all I used was salt and pepper, threw on some brown sugar to seal the deal.

    I lightly smoke, so salt and pepper is good.

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