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  1. I am using the 2-2-1 and the baby back ribs have been on for 2 hours now and i am not seeing any pull back. Should i leave them on longer before i move them to the foil?
  2. bmudd14474

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    Id just go on to the foiled 2 hours. I done get alot of pull back on baby backs. Well atleast not as much as spares. But you should be fine
  3. old poi dog

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    What temps are you smoking the ribs at? Are you monitoring your temps with an aftermarket thermometer or one that came with your smoker? Anyway 2 hours in the foil should make it good. A spritz with some liquid just before foiling should help.
  4. fire it up

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    Like they said, just go for it.
    I'm betting once they come back out of the foil you will be pleased with the pull back on them.
  5. tn_bbq

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    The foil has a way of speeding things up.
    FWIW...I think 2 hours in foil is too long so be careful.

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