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    Started a bit late today , but had a good , cool , breezy day. Wanted to get some shots of the fresh Meat, but as usual , Jr. had the Camera. I got it back just after getting going with the Smoker. So no Prep. Shots again , but we all know how , right?

     Some of my Cherry getting split and my warming spot.

    Temp. about there...

     Wish I could catch the Bird that did this to 'FLO' , how degrading...

     good smoke so I put them in...

     Here's after I placed them in...tips on top...2 Spares on the right and 3 BBs on the Left...

      Here's a shot after placing a fresh(heated ) split in the FB...

       and here it is 5 mins. later

       a Spare after coming off ; see the bone that broke out?

     one of the BBs


      and the bite shot of one of the BBs...good shaped bite, and I'm toothless!!!!

    Thanks for looking at my Rib cook for my F-I-L.   By the way , he loved them.....

    Have fun and as always...
  2. Looks great Stan. didn't you say somewhere you never foil? how long and at what temp do you smoke?

    Happy smoken.

  3. fpnmf

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    Looking  good!!!

  4. seenred

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    Those look great, Stan!

  5. oldschoolbbq

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    O.K.Mule , just for you...I smoked them low today.a balmy225*F (+/- 10*F) during refueling. I have ballast brick in the bottom of the Smoker to help steady spikes and drops.

    I put them on at 2pm and pulled everything at 8pm. Yeah, quick , Spares and all and you saw how tender they were...

    No , I don't use foil to "Braise" with, it's all oldschool all the way... weren't they pretty???

    I'm not being sarcastic , I'm just lazy and don't mess with anything while its cooking. Ribs get as special open and check , but anything else is shut-up and left till the temp. is right.

    Just my way... 
  6. Thanks Stan. i will have to give it a try. i have done no foil in the past. but it was start the fire throw them on and come back in a while. it was in a stick burner and i was working in the yard. I thought i was just being lazy. maybe i can say i'm just doing it "OLD SCHOOL " way

    looks great my friend.

    Happy smoken.

  7. roller

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    Looks real good !
  8. jp61

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    [​IMG]   Looks good Stan!

    I thought I smelled some Q & TBS in the breeze today!
  9. Yummy is all I can say!!!
  10. foamheart

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    Looks great man....... Just 5 racks, Oh I see, its a weekday.
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    Yummy Stan!  Love your smoker...and how dare those birds poop on Flo!  Shamey on them!

  12. sqwib

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    That's what I like to see, minimal pull back.....the difference between Foiled and non foiled.

    Looking good!

    Hey whats in the Ammo Box?

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