Reverse Flow with grill over fire box

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  1. After we finished the Vertical, Insulated Reverse Flow, we had a piece of 18" x 3/8" pipe laying around so we had to build something here are the pictures of what we did this time. We have two propane tanks that will be next.

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    Gary, evening..... Nice build, nicer design...  [​IMG]   ...  Dave
  3. Looks sharp!!!
  4. Thanks for the nice comments.  I am sure everyone noticed that the top rack does not have much head room. The original intent for this smoker was going to be for my son (who does the welding) He wanted something small just for him since he does not cook huge amounts.  We added the top rack for sausage, boudin, links and ribs. He did load it up with ribs on top and brisket on bottom

    Ribs turned out nice in about 5 hours, brisket in about 10 low and slow. It does cook pretty even. I guess the only negative is the weight. For a small smoker it's heavy. 
  5. That looks like a piece of oil field casing by the thickness of it. I bet it will have risidual heat long after the coals are out.

    Nice smoker by the way.
  6. You are right It was supposed to be but did not test out, do some work for a company in Longview and occasionally they have some rejected pipe, all new. 
  7. Just a note, the smokers we have built are from material we have laying around or someone gave us. The only thing we purchased extra was additional plate and insulation for the Vertical, Insulated RF. The rest is what is left over from jobs and in the scrap pile
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    Seeing stuff like this i wish i would have taken more than 1 year of metal shop!   That is freeking AWESOME...the grill over the FB is brilliant. 

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