Ready to do my first smoke...and I have questions.

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by brian44, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Should I start with a shoulder or butt? Do people you usually put a rub on these first? People are telling me (who I don't believe have ever smoked anything themselves) that I need to brine it for 24 ? I have digital meat thermometer for reaching desired temperature but what's rule of thumb (hrs/lb). How long should I expect it to take. I'm using Brinkmann Trailmaster Ltd with all mods complete and am able to maintain good temps. Any advice is welcome. This is my first forum of any kind so I hope I'm posting this properly! Thanks
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    My first try at ribs. MES 40. Worked great!!
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    Brian.........I would tell you to get a butt. It is very forgiving and real hard to screw up. I would use a good pork rub.....a bit sweet with a little heat. I have never brined a butt but I have injected them........a little apple juice mixed with some of your rub.

    Since this is your first smoke, I would say to get a 6 to 8 lb butt. Rub it down and inject if you want to. Wrap in plastic and let sit in the refer over night. Next day get your smoker going at about 225* to 250* (I like 240*) and add the butt once it has warmed up. At about the 3 hour mark I would double wrap in foil with a little apple juice and back into the smoker. If I want to slice it, I take it to 185* to 190*........195* to 205* to pull it. I'm going to guess at about 7 to 9 hours (BBQ is done when it is done).

    Hope this helps.........

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    Thank you for your answers. Next question is what is the "stall"...something tells me I need to order a book. Haha
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    Brian here's a link to a basic butt smoke and as was stated it's a great smoke to start with because it's very forgiving. Personally I would rub it the night before as was suggested then cellophane wrap and the next morning unwrap it and add another layer of rub and straight into a 225-250 degree smoker. Figure 1.5 hours per lb as a general idea but as was said it's done when it's done. When it does get done wrap if foiled wrap it in an old towel and place in a warm dry cooler for at least an hour to allow the juices to reabsorb and redistribute then pull it and enjoy.

    Since it's such a long smoke check out the fatty and ABT sections they make great snacks while your smoking. Have a great smoke and don't forget the Qview

    The stall is when the temp stops going up for a period of time. This is when the fibers and collagen are breaking down it can last from a few minutes to an hour or maybe even more but the meat is better because of it
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    A whole shoulder is not the same as a butt. The shoulder consists of 2 parts, the picnic and the butt. You can buy the picnic or the butt separately but the whole shoulder (upper and lower consists of both. Picnic tends to have more texture and is a bit more like ham. If you want pulled pork the butt tends to be the choice but a whole shoulder with both ends mixed together makes great sandwiches also.
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    Thank you for your help!

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