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  1. Hey All.... Love all the info here and just wanted to say hi and ask a couple questions. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first smoker. After much consideration I chose the Masterbuilt 30 (20060201 i think?) to be the most cost effective model for my budget. Is there anyone else who uses this model and can help me get started with some tips? I intend mainly to use it to make jerky (I love the stuff!). Any tips for smoking jerky? Best cuts of beef (or other meats)... favorite types of wood to use... how much smoke is enough... favorite marinades? Sorry I am just full of questions and will gladly take any answers you have. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks!
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    Hey smokin , first off thats a great little smoker you chose , it'll do most anything you desire , sometimes you have to be creative with the way meat is placed in it , or how to keep smoke going at low temps .... but all that info can be found right here on the forums with a little searching and lots of reading !

    Make sure you season it first by giving it a good heating ( wide open as hot as it will go )for 2 - 3 hrs and a little wood of your choice towards the end and when it's about cooled give it a spray , on the walls with some pam type cooking spray and then heat it back up again and let cool ... then your ready to go !

    For your jerky , best bang for your buck would be any of the round cuts ( inside round , sometimes called top round , or eye of round and or bottom round , sometimes called outside round ) but any lean beef will do , be sure to remove all external fat ... leaner the better for jerky !
    use some type of cure , I like to use the Hi Mountain products , they're excellent , easy to use and realiable , but you can buy curing agents such as prague powder or morton's tenderquick and use as directed and add flavourings that you like and make your own flavor blend .Have fun at the same time , it's a great hobby !

    for the wood , you're going to have to experiment a bit to see what you like ... my fav is hickory , great all around wood excellent on bacon and most anything , but I like a strong smoke flavour , try apple maybe to start off , it's great on most anything including jerky ... in order to do jerky in the MES , set your temp at about 145 * , you want to dry the beef not cook it , problem is unless it's very cold outside you won't get much if any smoke .... this is where being creative comes into play ! you can get your woodchips smoking by cranking the heat up to say 190 - 200 for maybe 5 - 10 min then set it back down after the chips are throwing some smoke , then maybe leave your chip loading tube open to give more air to the smokin chips to keep em smoldering , only use approx 7-8 quarter size chips at a time , keep the smoke thin and blue , not white and billowy , practice practice practice and make notes of what you do each smoke to refer to on your next will help also .

    Also sign up for Jeff's free course on the left side of the forums ...lots of usefull info there and it's free !

    and last but not least go to roll call and post a bit about yourself , experience etc etc .... so everyone can give a proper welcome to SMF ...
    hope this helps get ya started and good luck , see ya in the forums !

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