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  1. I purcahsed Jeff's Rib rub and was goining to use it for the first time at a cookoff this comming weekend. Has anyone else used it on a brisket? Any secret ways i need to use it on the ribs or brisket.

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    It'll be great on a brisket. Apply liberally and let it set. You'll be good to go!

    If you like more or less heat. More or less sweet. Just modify to your liking as you go
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    It's great on brisket. I just put a good coat of yellow mustard on then the rub. Leave it in the fridge overnight or it's works fine putting it on just before you put the ribs or brisket on the smoker. For the ribs I like to add another coating of brown sugar about 1/2 hour before they go on the smoker,so that it can melt before you put them on. Good luck at your cook off, let us know how you do!
  4. It's a VERY GOOD rub...apply on a mustard base . I use a previously emptied large spice container with a shaker top [the large ones that Sam's or Costco has] to shake on the rub, then rub it in and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate o'nite to get it into the meat. A trick I use is to put the meat on a couple of sheets of plastic wrap, then coat the bottom first, then turn and repeat on the topside [fat side up] and cover with another piece of plastic wrap then to the frig.

    Next day remove the top piece and lift the meat and gently remove the remaining pieces and place in your smoker.

       I also recommend Jeff's BBQ sauce recipe ...I won't use anything else!

    jfkiii   [Jack]

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