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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rmat17, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Hello all. Doing pulled pork for a party on Sunday. Wondering how much I would need for around 40 people. Any help will be appreciated
  2. Tall order huh?  Figure that whatever LB Butts you get you will yield about 50% after trimming and smoking.  Figure 1/4 to 1/3 LB for each sammie.  Some will have 2 but most will have 1 with all the sides being served as well.   I'd figure on doing two 12-15lb butts and that should allow you some leftovers to enjoy later. 

  3. Thanks Scott. I was figuring 2 8-10lbs buts. I will see what my locK BJ's has.
  4. That would yield about 10 pounds of PP and would give 40 people each a 1/4LB sammie.  Doable but I always err on the side of leftovers when cooking for many people. 
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    Yep  the question is what else are you going to serve?   I like to have hot food coming off the smoker during the party.  Look up some good sides (abts, moink balls, pork shots, fatties) that can fill in the gaps for people that don't like pulled pork.   You also need to properly time the pulled pork so I would plan to have it done and in the cooler a couple of hours early just incase you get a slow one.  This will make smoker room for the extras.
  6. The party is at a friend's house in Sunday. Not sure what else is being served. Smoking the pork on Saturday.
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    I would err on the side of caution and overshoot on amount and I will tell you why.  Most people (at least those who aren't from the south or never traveled there) have never really had authentic, smoked pulled pork.  Usually they are used to something that's been cooked in a crock pot and swamped in Open Pit.  I have found whenever I have done pulled pork for parties it blows peoples minds and they cant get enough.
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    I agree with Yotzee,

    It's probably going to blow their socks off. If you're short on the meat, 40 people can quickly turn into a dangerous mob[​IMG].

  10. Here are the butts!! Used Jeff's rub. Will let them sit over night and will start in the am
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    Good luck! I hate deadlines, because I never make them[​IMG].
  12. I have till Sunday so my deadline isn't that bad. Will smoke them tomorrow
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    Rmat , hello , you should have plenty of PP from 2-10# Butts , as  Scott mentioned , 1/4 to 1/3 lb.is a good portion . You'll have the double portion folks too ( especially after tasting your delicious Entrée .

    Leftovers are no problem , as some will want a doggie bag , or if any left , it freezes well. Place in

    zip freezer bags or Vac-seal them and place in boiling H2O to heat. Good stuff Maynerd.

    Have fun and  . . . 
  14. I know to do all of that. Just wasn't sure what size butts to do for the amount of people. I have a vac seal and have done it for some butts before. Thanks evryone for the help. Have a good weekend
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  15. One pulled and getting ready to pull the other. Came out really good. It was the first time doing pulled pork on my new smoker. Took awhile but I had no where to go yesterday so all good. Thanks for the help everyone.

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    Well, was that enough to satiate the crowd, or did they eat it all and turn into an angry mob?[​IMG]
  17. Had about half a tray left. So everyone was happy!!!!

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