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  1. Hello folks.  Well here is an experiment I am asking help with.  Growing up in Tx. I never had to make this.  I was spoiled.  I could go to a good Tex-Mex place and order it.  Well I can't go to the local English eatery and order Pozole.  It has been many years since I have had it and my English with has never had it.  She also doesn't know what hominy is.  Every now and then I introduce her to something new.  She is USUALLY pleasantly surprised.  The last thing  ( thanks to Mike W. ) was Pork and Beans.  How sad is that; but she liked them.  I want to give this a whirl.  I can get most ingredients from a wesite here in the U.K..  Chefrob posted a recipe quite a while ago that sounds good and I have read everything I can find on a Pozole recipe.  With all the knowledge available on the forum I thought I'd be stupid not to ask.  Anyone out there have what they consider to be the best Pozole recipe?  Any and all help will be much appreciated.  Thank you.  Keep Smokin!

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    Well, I'm a Red Posole man myself. I fell in love with this while living in Santa Barbara, Calif where, during Fiesta Week, all the Church ladies would make multiple 5 gallon stock pots of this stuff in the Church parking lots for all the Fiesta revelers. Some make it with chicken, some with pork....ALL tasty IMHO. I think the most important thing (well, one of) is to have all the condiment components to be added to it. Now, up here in the PNW, it's rarely seen in any Mexican restaurants and, if it is, it's about 8 bucks a bowl. So, this website might be of interest to you since you are a transplanted Texan in more areas than just the Posole. I've made a few things off here and they are pretty decent. Enjoy..... http://www.homesicktexan.com/2009/12/posole-recipe-new-years-day.html
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    Oh man Love  Pozole, Posole! It's one of the reasons we buy a case of Hatch Chiles every year! Let's see I believe I've posted my recipe here before I think. I'll have to look!
  4. Thanks guys.  Appreciate it.  Hey Chef Willie.  I have seen her website, didn't notice she had a pozole recipe.  I can tell you most of the recipes I have read from from her site  are AUTHENTIC south Tx. Tex-Mex.  If you come to San Antonio or south that's the Tex-Mex food you will receive.  We find it funny.  If you travel more than 100 miles in any direction ( other than south ) of San Antonio, the "Mexican" food changes.  Thanks for the link Case. I will definitely have a read!  Keep Smokin!

  5. I too love a Red or Green Pozole, some really good comfort food on a cold drizzly day. Its even better after it has sat a day and the flavors developed. I use shredded cabbage instead of lettuce, plenty of cilantro but that's just my taste, but the radishes along with avocados, sliced or chunked up, really add a good flavor and texture component to the Pozole. Here is a link to a recipe I've used and has the different variations for white, green, or red pozoles.


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