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  1. Does anyone know how we can post a photo here ?


    ernie in iowa///where the tall corn grows ( and that's about all !)
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  3. I am sorry but that don't tell me anything ! the little symbol you tell me that is above the word photoNEVER shows up on the page  where I go to read

    any other ideas ?
  4. Well, first thing we need to know is whether you are using a computer or a mobile device. They have similar browsers, but not exactly the same. If you're using a computer and if you click on "Quote" or "Reply" at the bottom of a post that you are replying to, it takes you to a text box with those symbols above it. If you are using a mobile device, you'll probably have to specify which one.
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    When you click on reply it should be there,if you are using a phone,make sure it is in desk top mode.

  6. Thank you for taking your time to help an old man.  My computer is a 21 inch IMAC ( I am a photographer and I need the MAC to do my work )

    we could do this, If you would please send me your email address, I can send you the 2 photos I would like to post.   One is of the new controller box we made for the masterbuilt smoker a and the other is of the rotisserie my brother and I put in our masterbuilt.  You may email me at

    [email protected],net then I can get you photos to you and you can post them for me, that would be a big help.  when you email me just send a note about posting smoker photos so I know what to do when I get it

    OH ! OH! OH ! you know what! no one ever told me WHERE to look for it, it DOES show up, it is under REPLY, let me try it........well could not make that work.  Let me send them to you, please


  7. I'd rather explore why you could not make it work, so that you'll be able to in the future. When I click on the photo upload button, it looks like this

    I click on the gray "Upload Files" button on the top, find the photos on my computer, select them, select the size to upload, and they upload.
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  9. WEll i tried it again, I did find " insert image" and I clicked on it, all I got was this little blue box that said    " an image url " but there is NO list of photos on the desk top to pick from.  That is where I run into problems.  How do I find the images to pick from ?  The chicken turned out SOOOOO good yesterday, today I am going to try a 5 pound prime rib !

    thank you
  10. Did the little blue box also contain a button that says "Upload Files"? If so, you have to click on that to get to the files on your computer.
  11.   this is the rotisserie mounted in the Masterbuilt smoker
  12.   This is our Masterbuilt smoker on the roll a round base we built for it as you can see we hve moved it up off of the ground for easy use
  13.   I would say about another 30 minutes !
  14.   Lets eat !  Our mom said it was the best chicken she had ever eaten !
  15.  This is the new electronic control box I built for the Masterbuilt smoker.  I am an electronic engineer, I am also a chef, as a chef I do not cook by TIME, I cook by TEMPERATURE !  With the flip of a switch I can have the masterbuilt work just like it came from the factory, OR flip it down to modified and have two pre set temperatures or flip it to auto and use the new P. I. D. control and have an temperature I need and have it controlled to within one degree.  We did make one change, we changed the pre set of 145 to 250.  There is a lot of electronics in that box.  It took me and another electronic tech four days to build it.  The AC amp meter at the top reads 0 to 30 amps and I expect it to read around 10 to 12 amps when in use
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  16. I like that control panel. Pretty cool pics.
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    Nice Bird........... glad you have the upload solved

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    Glad you got the photo posting sorted. I'm going a chicken tomorrow ans I hope it looks as good as yours.
    :points: For persistence.
  19. I wish to thank everyone who helped me figure this out and thanks for your > patience !  I am an old old guy what do I know about computers

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