"pork nuggets" aka pork burnt ends

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    Hey SMF family this was supposed to be weekend for my new smoker but some things came up and plans changed so I fired up the WSM. I already had some csr's and a butt and friends coming over so decided to try something different. Pork burnt ends or as my wife calls it "pork nuggets". I smoked the csr's for 3 hrs at 210 then took off let it rest 20 mins and cubed them. I then made a sauce similar to the foiling juice recipe I found on here. Sorry new to the site and don't remember who posted it. But just some butter, apple juice, honey, molasses, ketchup, vinegar, mustard and some spices. I learned to cook from my folks and they don't measure hardly anything so I have no clue amounts. "Just eyeball how much you feel" as my mom would say. Not helpful I know but the more you do it the more u know how much to use. Anyways I coated and put back on the smoker for 20 min in the pan to get the smoke flavor in the sauce then foiled and cooked for another 30 min. I hope I'm doing this q view right so here it goes...
    Off the smoker.

    Cubed after resting


    Sorry don't have pics of the final because they were gone in 5 min. They were really good and now mandatory with every smoke according to the wife and friends.
    Hope you all enjoy!
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    Those look great! You can do it with a butt also just cube it up at about 160*IT. Do your self a favor and get a perforated pan you can use in the smoker I don't have one yet but seen another member using one for burnt ends and it worked amazing!:Looks-Great:
  3. They look great! You probably saw Chef Jimmy's recipe from a little while ago. You can never go bad following his directions! When you get around to doing some beef, look for his Au Jus recipe, its great too.

    His foiling recipe is at  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110881/foiling-juice-chef-jimmyj 

    Have fun and enjoy the site, there are some great people on here.


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