Pork Loin in a Phosphate Brine Experement

Discussion in 'Pork' started by danmcg, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Last week I picked up a pork loin for some smoked Canadian bacon and thought I'd try a little experiment. I wanted to see what adding phosphate to the brine would do to the finished product as far as aiding in moisture retention.

    I cut the loin into four pieces, three would be in my basic brine and one will go into a brine with phosphate added. All four will be pumped with 10% and left in the brine for 4 days.

    With a 10% pump this works out to 140 ppm of nitrite.

    The basic brine was;

    1 Gallon water 3780 grams

    Salt 220

    Maple syrup 150

    Cure #1 95

    For the phosphate brine I used the same ratio of ingredients but only made a quart and added 26 grams of Butch & Packers 450s “Brine Pumping Phosphate” this will give me about half the allowable amount of phosphate or 2400 ppm.

    After the pump I let them rest a minute, dried them with paper towels and verified the weight was meat plus 10%. then into the brine. Then I repeated the drying and weighing each day to see if there was a difference in intake between the phosphated one and the other three.

    After the 5 days they all took in about the same amount of additional brine, but the one with phosphate on the first day took in a two to five more then the basic three, but lost over half of it the next day. If I hadn't weight them twice the first day, I'd say it was a screw up in the weighing, and it still could be, but I won't know till I repeat the the proses.

    The big difference was after smoking.

    Smoked for approximately 6 hours starting at 130°F and ending up at 200°F until the internal temp's were over 152°

    The three in the basic brine lost 5, 6 and 8 percent of their original green weight.

    The one in phosphate gained a little over 1 percent, and was noticeably moister.

    I need to do a good side by side taste test today to see if the flavor is different. And will add some pick then.

    I could also add the spreadsheet (at least I think I can) with the daily logged info, but this post is already sounding to geeky for me.
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    You truly are a smoke head........ looking foward to seeing your results.
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    Yes Dan you are a mad scientist!   [​IMG]
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    When it comes to exploring a procedure involving brines and cures and chemicals Geeky is good.  Maybe someone that does Canadian bacon occasionally can try to duplicate your procedures and results.  That would make your results "reproducible"  a truly Geeky term.

    Thanks for the guidance and lesson, never made Canadian Bacon but I may have to put in on my "things to try" list this summer.

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    Dan, I just bought the same phosphate from B&P. I'm wanting to experiment with butts. I can't find much info on the net about using it in a brine. I would like to use my usual butt brine, but add the phosphate. What are your thoughts please sir.
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    Another question is the phosphate only used for and with a curing only? I like making the Canadian bacon too. Just trying to wrap me feeble little Squirrel brain around it's usability. Ordered it before I realized there is not a lot of info on the possibility of different uses. I certainly will not use it until I get more info, it's just I'm a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to smoking/curing sorta stuff. [​IMG]
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    Hey Cheryl, if ya got a good brine recipe I don't know why you couldn't try it with the phosphate, just go by the recommended amount listed on the package.Quote:
    It can be used for uncured meat and poultry and  it will also help retain moister in fish and seafood.

    I got to get to work now,  but I'll see if I can find some info on the net for you to read up on later.
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    Hey Dan, still having trouble finding recipes. The problem is I can't find info on any amount. Even on the package itself, doesn't have any info. All I am wanting is how much per gallon of water to use. Pooey. I am officially a distressed Squirrel. Calgon, take me away. And Grey Goose. Hope I don't drown meself. [​IMG]
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    Good link there Dave, I copied and saved it for future reference.
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    I figured you for a smirnoff gal....[​IMG]  Not in a cheap way, [​IMG]. Put the lime in the coconut and shake it...........[​IMG]  Oh crap that's rum. 

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