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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bhath19, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. bhath19

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    I'm smoking a pork loin half cut boneless later today and am looking to do at 225 until at an internal temp of 155.  Pulling off around at 150 to let it cruise up to 155.  I have a few questions.  First, with pork shoulder I've always removed the fat cap and I would assume with this particular pork loin cut I should as well, thoughts?  Second, what do I use as a guide for time per pound?  It's a 4.9 pound piece.  Finally, should I cut it in half since it's pretty long?  Would that add any benefit other than cutting down cooking time?  Thanks!
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    BH19, I always stuff my loins for smoking and a 5 pound piece takes 4+ hours at 225* for an IT of 147. I would trim some of the fat off and not cut it in half. Check out the stuffed recipes for a better smoked loin and smoke with the fat side up as loins are pretty lean.

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