Pork fat on or off?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by calismoker, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. calismoker

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    Getting ready to smoke for the second time. I think from all the great advice this week, i have figured out alot of last weeks issues. Now I am sitting anticipating firing up the smoker tomorrow to smoke a 6 lb pork roast. The roast has a layer of fat on one side. Normally for BBqing i'd leave it on and never think twice about it. However new to smoking thought i would ask what everyone thought. LEave it on or trim it off? If left on will be be soggy mush or crispy?


  2. kueh

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    I've done pork loins a bit and left the fat on always. I enjoy eating the fat encrusted with rub.

    It's really a personal choice, though most say leave it on. Some say remove it after cooking.

    Also, if you don't use a water pan, the aroma of the fat that hits the fire or smoker container adds to the roast. Much like happens when you grill.
  3. deejaydebi

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    Fred -

    Just like on the grill it'll be crispy on the outide and drooly on the inside! I hate fat but I still leave it on it's good crispy!
  4. t-bone tim

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    Fred leave it on for your smoke, then remove it AFTER if you wish, fat is what gives you the flavor and moistness we all look for in our meat, this is especially true in the leaner cuts, not so much with pork shoulder as they contain alot of internal fat, but best practice IMHO,is leave it on for the cooking ,then remove as desired .[​IMG]
  5. watery eyes

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    Personally....I think the removal fat is highly over-rated.... [​IMG]
  6. Here's another good question:

    Do you plan on cooking it fat-side up or fat-side down?
  7. kueh

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    Done the loins, up and down. No noticeable difference. The fat layer does seem to limit smoke penetration and does have a narrower smoke ring.

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