Pork butt, tell he how to smoke?

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  1. Is anybody getting sick of my stupid questions yet? Sorry, I am new to this smoking thing. I plan on smoking a pork butt roast using my ECB electric. How about some tips for prep and smoking. Can I put it in and go to sleep and it will be ready?(I work night shift, sleep day shift). Please help and thank you for the responses to all my questions!
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    Follow the sticky for how-to as Sumo already said.

    I have the ECB elec and have tried to 'set it' and 'forget it' but insuring your temps are consistent is the only worry. If you have winds or changing ambients, chances are the smoker temp will vary during your smoke.

    I assume you have no mods for temp adjustment (I don't either) so I just vent the side door or the lid as needed to get the smoker temp back in range. (cooler times might require a wind break or wrap like a welding blanket to to maintain)

    Having a remote thermo with alarms will let you get more rest. (Mavrick ET-73 is popular choice here)

    Good Luck.
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    Ditto on the therm.
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    Here are some of my tips that I will share with you using this electric ecb for several months now:
    • Preheat the electric ECB about 30 minutes before you place the butt in the smoker and place a foil packet of wood chips in at this time.
    • I would foil your wood chips or chunks; this will keep a clean smoker and also reduce risk of flame ups. I put a decent size pinch of wood chips in a little tube of foil and poke holes throughout. I get about 60 minutes to 90 minutes of good smoke with one packet.
    • I’ve learned a lot from this forum and one thing that sticks in my head is, “if you can smell smoke, then you are smoking.” So don’t overload this thing with chips.
    • I get better “bark” results placing the butt on the lower rack, right above the water pan. It runs warmer there but it helps with the bark.
    • I would also line your water bowl with foil as well. Less of a clean up chore. I also use a squirt bottle to re-fill my water bowl about 3-4 hours into the smoke through the front door. That should be good enough, but check your water when you add wood.
    • Besides placing several foil packets of chips in the ECB throughout the smoke using the front door, I rarely lift the lid, unless I’m cooking something else. Even then I act quickly as you lose heat like crazy with this smoker. I do not spray my pork butt every hour like some do here because of that reason. I still turn out juicy pork and great bark. So I would seriously consider leaving this thing untouched for at least the first 3 hours of your smoke.
    • Like another poster said, if you plan on eating this thing for dinner, then I would do it the day before or start real, real early. I did 2 butts last week; 6# took me start to finish, including cooler rest time about 15 hours. (8 on the smoker, 5 in the oven and 2 in the cooler.) I also did a butt close to 9# and it took me 20 hours of cook time. My longest yet. Just depends……..
    • Follow Meowy’s thread and smoke until you reach 160-165*, foil and place in the oven until 200*, rest for at least an hour and then pull. I drain the juice & fat, let that cool, scrape the fat off and then use some of the juice back in the pork. Also use that finishing sauce!!
    If you have any questions or you need help please contact me!!

  6. Very helpful tips, never thought of using foil, less mess! Will give this a try. Thanks again

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