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  1. So I salted the pork butt around 2 pm yesterday. Around 2 am I rubbed it down heavily with a fresh batch of rub I whipped up. 5:30 am I fired up the mak 2 star general and amaze-n-smoke tube with cookinpellets.com perfect mix. The set point was 225 degrees. The pork and tube went in about 2:45 am and left unchecked for 3 hours. At this point I started misting with apple juice every hour or two. The stall seemed to last for ever and at 11 + hours is wasn't moving much so I kicked it up to 250. I was using 2 maverick 733 probes and one pellet boss probe amd I pulled it when all 3 were 195 or higher. 1 of the maverick probes was exactly the same as the pellet boss the entire cook and the other was 3 degrees hotter.
  2. The pork was good just like that but on a roll it didn't really taste like anything. I didn't have any good sauce (I'm addicted to mak honey stinger) so I tried a sandwich with sweet baby ray and I preferred it without. Ever since I tried mak honey stinger, sweet baby rays takes like the stuff you dip Mc Donalds nuggets in.
  3. And the harsh statement of the week award goes to ....(drumroll)...PelletPat, for:

    " sweet baby rays takes like the stuff you dip Mc Donalds nuggets in."
  4. LMAO. Yeah I'm afraid to mention sweet baby rays sauce is always on my table.
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  5. Yes, I have some too, but it is the antipode/diametric opposite of the Carolina Vinegar based sauce. 
  6. True......but McDonads?????  [​IMG]
  7. I used sweet baby rays for a long time. I like the sweet and spicy, the kids and other half like the regular. The issue is now that I have tried something that "to me" is a million times better, made me me more aware of the taste. The MAK honey stinger bottle was shipped with my grill. It's got a real smokey bbq flavor with a strong kick. Sweet baby rays now just test like thick ketchup, sugar (or should I say high fructose corn syrup), and molasses and leaves a long lingering artificial sweet taste in my mouth.
    I'll still use sbr as I'm not about to shell out over $11 a bottle for MAK's
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    Good job , Pelletpat .

    Keep it up and as always . . .
  9. It all looks good. Looks very moist. I like your ABT rack.

    Happy smoken.

  10. I should mention I put the ABTs on guesstimating when the pork would be done and since I was using remote thermometer in the meat I didn't want to go back outside until the pork was done. The jalapeño peppers were very shriveled but the bacon was good and the cheese didn't leak out so they taste good just look like crap.

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