Pork butt, chicken and sides

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  1. I had family and friends over for some good times and good food.  I cooked the 8.5lb pork butt @225 degrees for 12 hours.  I pulled the pork butt @ an IT of 195 and put in a foil pan, wrapped it and put in a cooler and then a towel around it and let it sit for 2 hours.  I put the chicken in a brine for 12 hours and then pulled off the skin while washing off the brine.  I put the chicken, corn and beans on @250 degrees for 2 hours.  Everything turned out really well.  I wasn't sure how the chicken would turn out without the skin, but I was really surprised that the chicken had a really nice crispiness to it and was extremely juicy.  When I grabbed the chicken with the tongs I could hear the chicken sizzling on the inside.  That was my first time using a brine and I'll most definitely do it again.  I personally felt that it made a big difference on the juiciness.

    I injected the pork butt with this

    Pork butt after 8 hours with a mix of Sweet Baby Ray's new Cola-Q BBQ sauce and Rec Tec's mild vinegar sauce on it

    Beans, chicken and corn on the grill. 

    I forgot to take a picture of the pork butt done, but here it is pulled.

    Beans done

    Chicken done

    Corn done

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    SOMEBODY gotta whole lotta of skills!  Outstanding!!

    Happy Independence Day!!  [​IMG]
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    Looking good.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Mmm...that all looks delicious!  Nice going!

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    Looks good!. I LOVE THE CREOLE BUTTER! So good. Tried it firsf on a deep fried turkey... but with some pork tenderloins.. greatnes!! And welcome to SMF! youll fit in here just fine.. EVEN if you are a Skins fan! (Sigh) Go Cowboys. . ;/

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