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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by nogoer, Mar 30, 2009.

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    I finally ran out of belly bacon from my last cure a few months ago and yesterday i pulled out my last 3lb peice, thawed it, and set it to cure for the week. I used the same recipe i used for the last peice as far as cure is concerned, but the cure amounts weren't what i have been using up to that point of 1/4 tsp cure per pound of meat.

    At some point during my last batch i came under the impression that using more cure per pound for pork belly was a somewhat common thing. So i basically doubled the amount a 3lb belly needed and had great results. The belly was nice and firm and completely the proper color when the cure time was up. So since it worked so well last time i followed my notes exactly and did the same thing.

    The cure recipe is
    52g cheese salt(very fine salt liek pickling salt)
    52g brown sugar(had light on hand)
    2tsp cure #1

    This is mixed up and the rubbed on the belly. Then a heavy coat of course crushed peppercorns are rubbed in.

    For some reason today i'm concerned about having used 2tsps pink salt for 3lbs of belly. The last bacon tasted fine and i've been eating it for months with no ill effects. Any thoughts?

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