Pop's Brine for Disney Style Turkey Drums

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shortend, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. shortend

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    I've used Pop's Brine for curing for some time now. I'm pretty comfortable with it. I tend to prefer the longer curing time needed for bacon, dried beef, whole turkey and turkey breasts, etc., as I have less problems with over salting than with other curing methods that I've tried. Will be doing a couple of 41/2 lb chickens this weekend. Plan to brine them for 11/2 days. I think that should be a sufficient amount of time. I've used the brine for chicken quarters in the past and found that it left a bit of an off putting mouth feel. Not really mushy, just a bit softer feeling. I figured I may have over brined them a bit. I also picked up 9 turkey drums avg 12oz ea. Was planning to brine for about a day. Does that sound like a sufficient amount of brine time, without over doing it? Just curious as to whether or not anyone else has used Pop's Brine for chicken or turkey parts and can give some feedback.


  2. foamheart

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    I am no expert, I learned with Pop's also. Then I started adjusting ....LOL

    Last night I put 4 turkey durmsticks in a cure/brine. Things I have learned and adjusted with time. are I use a shade less salt than called for because I use canning salt when curing. Like 1 cup of each sugar and 3/4 cup of salt. I mean the cure is salt too. I will use 2 cups in the pan to heat and mix the sugar salt herbs and spices, when dissolved and well steeped,  I throw in enough ice to make a quart and let it cool. Then I add the cure. It all fits in a Ziploc and sits in the reefer overnight. Had a change of plans tonight so I'll be smoking them tomorrow for the game.

    Here's my cure for dummies idea I use.  Pop's 1 gallon brine uses a Tablespoon, there are 4 quarts in a gallon, so 3/4 to 1 teaspoon per quart works for me per quart. Just don't go heaping it up. No one has got sick yet.

    BTW these are some monster turkey drumsticks I have curing.
  3. bdskelly

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    I used Pops on my turkey legs.  Worked out very well!  IMHO I'd use his lower salt recipe 

  4. shortend

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    I'm with ya on the lower salt. I usually use I/2 c. sea salt and that seems to work out well for my taste. I've got 9 medium sized turkey drums (about 12oz. ea.) Plan to cure for 24 hrs. Is that long enough without over curing? Plan to hot smoke on WSM at about 325 'til  IT hits 165-170. I love the hammy taste on poultry, but have noticed that poultry seems to get a softer mouth feel than other meats if brined a bit too long. Trying to avoid that if possible, but want to get cured long enough to get the hammy taste. No need to worry about the safe zone with the hot smoke.

  5. bdskelly

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  6. shortend

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    Brian, if you got your guidance from Pops2967 himself, I'm ALL-IN brotha. 48 hrs it is! Great lookin' legs, by the way.! I mean the ones with those "cute" little bonnets. LOL

    Thanks for the help!

  7. foamheart

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    You know Brian has napkins at his house, the real cloth ones!
  8. shortend

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    Yes, and he cleans his plate nicely, too.!
  9. bdskelly

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    That would be the man. Pops was an incredible amount of help in my brining. 
  10. bdskelly

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    WHAT? I'm so boke I wash and reuse my paper plates. 
  11. bdskelly

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    Don't egg on FoamHeart ShortEnd.  If he thinks he's being amusing then you'll never get rid of him!  


    All kidding aside... What Pops does from brine Foam does for Southern, Creole and Cajun Cooking. If you want to make a Gumbo, Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie or Kitchen Counter Top Booze then he is your man. Get to know him.  Don't cost ya nothin.... b
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  12. shortend

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    That's nice to know.  I like good Creole/Cajun food. Been a while since I was in "NAWLINS". Have tried Gumbo at home, and it was OK. A little guidance to make really good authentic Gumbo is something I've gotta try again. I'll be sure to "rattle" FoamHearts cage when I do. Thanks!
  13. atomicsmoke

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    How did your drumsticks come out?

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