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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by derek, May 22, 2008.

  1. I have a friend who works for a meat whse company. Well recently for the price (yes, I AM gloating) of $80.00 American, I came into 31lbs of pork spare ribs, 40lb box of ckn pieces and 14 individually sealed 14oz ribeyes. SO, on the 4th of July I have now decided to have a street party bbq. I am good on the rib smoke but I have not smoked chicken pieces, only whole ones. I figured that I would just have to cut back on the cooking time a bit.

    But, I wanted to know if i "cram em" in there and the pieces are overlapping a bit should I cut the time back still?
    Should I "cram em" in there or just do multiple batches? Smokin buddies please lend me some wisdom
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    you should cram them in a box and mail it all to me. don't forget the dry ice. overnight please. good price. I would just check for doneness. insert thermometer into a few big pieces after a couple of hours. think you'll be goood.
  3. I hope your friend's boss is not a member of this forum. It sounds like he could lose his job on this steal of a deal.
    Congrats, I'm jealous.

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    That is a score of huge proportions Derek, should make for some great grub for your neighbors.

    You'll want to leave a little bit of space in between the pieces of meat to allow the smoke to throw through them. Also, if you're using a horizontal smoker, place the chicken pieces under the beef to avoid contamination of the beef. Otherwise, cram away ...

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