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  1. Smoked another fatty tonight. This time, 1lb 80/20 ground beef mixed with 1lb pork sausage. Stuffed inside this was sautéed mini sweet peppers, a sweet onion, and Apple wood smoked ham sliced real thin, and a generous helping of 5 cheese blend. Smoked over pecan wood at a temp of 230° for about 2 hours until I had an internal temp of 145°. Then stuck it under the broiler for 5 minutes to crunch up the outside.

    The Q-view is weak this time, sorry [​IMG]

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    The last pic of the sliced fatty is all you need brother!  Dang, I have to smoke a fatty soon! How was it? What's the next fatty you'll do?
  3. This is the best fatty I've done so far, it's my third. Done a Cordon Bleu, a breakfast, and now this pepper steak. As for my next, not given it much thought yet, but did see a post about a mac n cheese fatty which I may have to try.

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