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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by smoking jay, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. smoking jay

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    I am planning on building a smoke house using a Pellet Pro Hopper Assembly. The inside would be lined with wood or stainless steal, ceramic wool insulation and T&G exterior.

    What is the best wood to use for interior lining, and why?

    What are pros and cons of being lined with stainless or wood

    Has anyone done this combination?
  2. smoking jay

    smoking jay Newbie

    I guess no advice,

    I will used the standard Smoke House design framing it with pine. I using sheet metal for the interior wall depending on the cost I will probable get the local fab shop to do this.  I went to eBay and purchased ceramic wool, I am pretty sure I go to much, oh well. the exterior will be Lap siding using Cypress with a tin roof. Thanks again learned a lot form other responses.
  3. trippy

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    If you do not put a barrier between the wood and metal there might as well be nothing. Your wood will cook down to nothing without some thermal barrier between the two. The barriers insulation factor will determine how much heat it can take and for how long. All insulation will transfer heat over time. It's called heat soak. It will depend on the other sides ventilation to how well it will deal with it. Hope this helps with some insight to your build.

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