Peat smoked lemon rosemary Cornish hens

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by rich soby, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I figured I'd make my first post to coincide with the first time I cooked in my first smoker.
    I marinated a couple of cornish hens in evoo lemon juice fresh chopped rosemary salt and pepper. The hens were lightly injected with a brine of salt sugar water and a little lemon juice.
    I used a mix of Irish peat and pecan chips that I purchased from Sneaky Peat. I have to say it went great with the rosemary!
    The hens were set on a rack breast down on a bed of rosemary with a drip pan placed on the rack below.
    They took about 2 hours with the smoker ranging in the 260's (still trying to get the heat right with the thermostat on this)
    They were some of the tenders juiciest birds I've had. I cooked them to an internal of 170.
    Served up with a little NZ Sauv Blanc, in short order there was nothing left but the bones!

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  2. smokinal

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    First off, Welcome to SMF! You did a nice job with the hens! They look great!

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  3. Thank you Al.
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    Those look tasty!Thumbs Up
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    RS, Those birds look great !
  6. mdboatbum

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    Welcome aboard! Interesting call on the peat. Ordered some for a friend to burn in their fireplace a few years back and it did small good. Might have to try it in the smoker. Love those un oaked NZ sav blancs too. Really nice with smoked food.

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