Peach Smoked Chicken Wings

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  1. Was out shopping this morning and a 5.5 lb pack of fresh chicken wings caught my eye. Decided to buy them and throw them on the CharGriller this afternoon. I'll be using Jeff's pecan smoked chicken wing recipe, but I'll be smoking with peach wood. I put them in two ziplock bags and added olive oil, Jeff's naked rub, and Jeff's Texas rub to both bags of wings. I set the bags in the fridge and will let them marinade for 6 hours. I'll start smoking them about 4pm.

  2. c farmer

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    They look good already.
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Should be good! I like adding peach or apricot to my wings for some sweet heat! Did you reserve some marinade to cook down for a glaze???
  4. chef willie

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    well, nothing like a good wang on the ol' wings...I'll check back later....Willie
  5. Thanks Adam. Just got the ingredients and threw everything in the ziplock bags.

    Thanks Case, I'm using Jeff's recipe. I'll be using Jeff's bbq sauce cut with beer and honey.

    Thanks Willie. I'm really into wings myself. Can't wait till this afternoon to get these babies smokin.
  6. They should be good. [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  7. Thanks David....few more hours.....can't wait!!! :biggrin:
  8. Pics.......neeeeeed pics!!!

    Love wings!

  9. Ok got the smoker going at 275. Had the wings sit in the freezer for an hour before I put them on my pit which gave my marinade a chance to form a gel on the wings. On the smoker at 3pm and off we go.

  10. I'll be right over!!!

  11. Thanks Scott. If you can make it to the east and there's some left, there yours. After an hour in wings are around 170 IT. Pulled them off, sauced, and back on at 300 to crisp up. Put an extra peach mini split on to crank up the temp.

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  12. Beautiful color.  Man those look like Heaven. 

  13. Thanks so much Scott. After being back on the pit with Jeff's sauce for 15 min at 315 I had to sample one....oh my!!!!

  14. Peach Smoked Wings, Baked Crunchy Potato Wedges ( from my Schwan Man) and steamed vegetable medley.

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  15. Look at that sticky goodness.  VERY nice job.  Thanks for the View!!

  16. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking plate, Nice Smoke!
  17. Damn they look good!
  18. Thanks for all the complements everyone. Was very pleased with the finished product. Only problem is once you have smoked wings from your own pit, those wing joints once frequented just don't cut it anymore!!!
  19. brooksy

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    Man those wings look great! I could use a plate full of those right now!
  20. c farmer

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    Looks awesome.     [​IMG]

    We love them Schwan's wedges.

    I find it hard to find good bbq food since I have making my own.

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