Pastrami video, start to finish

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fmcowboy, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Ok. All of these posting of pastrami has got me craving it,. I love a great pastrami sammie!!! Who doesn't. Anyway, in searching here & the web, I came across this video of making pastrami from scratch, even curing your own brisket. Looked pretty darn good. Figured I'd share. I tried searching the forum some if this has been posted before, sorry. I now know how & when that peppered coating is applied that is signature pastrami.

  2. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Ya forgot the link to the video...LOL[​IMG]
  3. what a tease I am. LOL

    there ya go
  4. When I saw her dirty fingernails.. at 8:41 Yuck
  5. nate_46

    nate_46 Meat Mopper

    She might be the nicest woman in the world, but if I watch more of her videos I will catch up on my sleep!![​IMG]
  6. ronp

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    If I had to wait 3 weeks, not to mention the work I would forget it and just buy some.

    I like getting a flat from the store, open the package and smoke it. Lazy man's way I guess.

    Thanks for the video.
  7. I think I will just get me a corned beef and pick it up from their.

    Eric: LOL, her fingernails were from the rub see just put on, so not actually dirty.

    Yeah, it is kind of a bore, but I thought showed a complete process so may have been of some interest. I'll take a shortcut and not wait. I'm with RonP. :)
  8. blackened

    blackened Meat Mopper

    Is it just me, or did the meat look a little too done? Pastrami is usually a little pinker..
  9. txbigred

    txbigred Meat Mopper

    That's because she didn't use sodium nitrite in her cure... don't think it would taste the same without it.

  10. lcruzen

    lcruzen Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Is it me or did she not include a cure? I saw salt, garlic, pickling spice and sugar.
  11. oneshot

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    When she sliced that meat it was the next day after putting it in the fridge, and her finger nails were still black...eeeeeeeeeewwwww, naaaaaasty....

    Did you see her husbands face when he tasted it??? There was no expression on that face when he put it in his mouth. He only said it was good to save his life......LMAO [​IMG]

    It was good to watch though, her presentation kinda reminded me of one of the ghouls in the movie "Night of the Living Dead" hahahahahaaa
  12. pignit

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    I'll put mine against hers anyday. Good Lord..... 15 days.... another night to cure. I could starve to death. Her seasonings looked good... where is the cure? Smoked at 320 degrees? Hmmmmmmmmm. I'd have to have a first hand taste test to be convinced this turned out that great. Thanks for the video though...

  13. oneshot

    oneshot Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    You go get her PnI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  14. scarbelly

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    Her voice made me think I had been watching a video for 3 weeks -
    I have seen way better looking pastrami from you guys -

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