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Discussion in 'Pork' started by papadon, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. I've lived a very glutinous lifestyle, especially recently. I got extremely overweight and developed type II diabetes. My turning point was December 12th, 2014. The day I was diagnosed with a blood sugar of 317.
    Since that day I have lost 60 pounds and got my sugars under control. I'm running under 99 on average. The only think I've been craving has been some good Q!
    I took Jeff's rub and replaced the brown sugar with Splenda.

    The rub still smells great. The secret is to buy fresher spices, don't use old stuff.
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  2. How well does the splenda work? Does it burn or caramelize?
  3. I'm cooking some leaner BBQ until I get myself better balanced out. I picked up a bone in pork loin for $1.99/lb and some boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I rubbed the loin two nights ago with mustard and the diabetic friendly "Jeff's rub". The same night I marinated the thighs in a McCormick marinade, "Mojio Lime".

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  4. I don't know yet if the Splenda replacement works well or not, I haven't started cooking.

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  5. Just added the coals to the Smokenator!

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    Very interesting.. Let me an the rest of the smoker world know what happens!! Loin looks great though!! We have one in the freezer I've been thinking about smoking on the kettle
  7. Food on the Weber/Smokenator at 1525! More updates to come.
  8. 18 degrees outside and I'm running at 270 easily.

  9. Loin is at 100 degrees. The chicken will be sauced with sugar free BBQ sauce.

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    Looks like a splendid, Splenda meal!
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    My wife made a pecan pie for Thanksgiving with Splenda (no sugar) and I couldn't tell the difference. I can, however, tell the difference in my coffee.
  12. It looks and is acting like regular brown sugar so far.

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  13. I slathered G. Hughes Sugar free Honey BBQ sauce on everything. I'm pulling the loin at 145 degrees and wrapping/resting for 30 minutes.

    Just a couple months ago I would have made two roasts plus the chicken. Portion control is something I've never practiced. This meat on the grill will be my dinner for two days, be my lunch everyday next week plus feed my family of 5 tonight. Again, just a few months ago all of this would have been gone In one to two day max.
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    Congrats on getting your lifestyle turned around and some great looking food
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    Great looking Q, congrats on the weight loss.
  16. Thanks everyone!

    Here's the money shot.

    Thumbs up from the family. I can taste the Splenda but it's not bad. I had a nice looking bark for only a 2 hour cook.
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    Looks great!
  18. Same story here on the Type II.  I have found most people have trouble telling the difference between sugar, and Truvia's product (made from the stevia plant). I even cooked some Crème Brulee on the #kamadojoe Big Joe with it, and it acted and baked just like sugar.  Being a huge coffee fan, I needed my sweetener to taste very much like sugar; every other product just tasted wrong to me.

    The variant the have for baking (pictured) has a small amount of sugars (about 1/7th that of regular cane sugar), but doesn't seem to spike my glucose.  The regular Truvia product has no sugars. 

  19. I saw that at the store. It's nice there are options. I guess I'll just have to make more BBQ to try it out. Two hours after yesterday's meal my glucose went down. So the Splenda is a good option. I did taste the Splenda "after taste" though. My family could not tell the difference and even liked it better because it was healthier. I think trivia has a brown sugar blend as well. Time to go shopping again.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
  20. I am also playing with some almond flour trying to work up some no-carb bread recipes.  I miss bread, rolls and buns with my meals. 

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