Ordered today Lang 36 patio hybrid deluxe

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ufert, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Well after a long search of everything I could possibly look into on the Lang I pulled the trigger today!! I just ordered the 36 Patio Hybrid Deluxe with the pneumatic tires upgrade, the warmer butterfly upgrade for more cooking space. They also threw in a extra temp gauge on the smoker & a damper on the chargriller for nothing. The hardest part of all now starts & that's the wait for the delivery!! Ben told me 3-5 weeks, I am praying it's on the shorter end!!
  2. smokinal

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    Lucky Boy!!

  3. Thanks Al!! It was a hard sell to the wife but she knows how much I love it!! Can't wait to get her
  4. smokinal

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    I have been wanting one for years.

    Seems like when I have a little extra money, something breaks & I need to spend it on that.

    I don't live to far from Lang & could drive up there & save the shipping costs.

    Kinda like a mini vacation!  [​IMG]

    Someday maybe I'll be a Lang owner too!

  5. I heard that Al, I've been looking at them for a couple years now. I recently won $$$ in fantasy football & got a bonus from work to help offset the cost!! And after many nights of listening to my sales pitch the wife finally agreed lol. That's great you can just go get it that will save some serious $$$. I have to have mine shipped to Illinois it's $500 which hurts lol
  6. waterinholebrew

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    Congrats man, that's gonna give ya years of good memories & TBS ! :sausage:
  7. Thanks Justin!!! I am super stoked lol!!!
  8. hardcookin

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    Your going love your Lang!! I have the big sister "84D" and she has smoked me some fine Q.
    Congrats & enjoy!!
  9. Thanks hardcookin I can't wait to use her!!
  10. No telling what I might have to give up to get the green light to buy one of those. I have a wet noodle for a pry bar after getting my new Ram Limited. At least I have the means to tow it.😊 I have a WSM 221/2" a MES 40" 2.5 a Holand grill and a big Kitchen Aid grill. All I need now is a stick burner. 🤗
  11. It took me quite a while to get her on board but it's a smoker for life!! I can't wait for her to arrive!!
  12. hardcookin

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    Now your going to have to start rounding some wood up for when your Lang gets here.
  13. I've been on it ever since I ordered her!! Trying to round up as much as possible lol!!
  14. hardcookin

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    Any updates? I'm excited for you!
  15. Haven't heard anything yet, the wait is killing me though I know that lol!! I'm going to call Lang this morning on my first break here at work to get a update. I appreciate the excitement hard cookin, I've loaded up on wood & I'm ready to go!!!
  16. hardcookin

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    You should be getting close! Thumbs Up
  17. I just got the phone call I've been waiting for!! She is supposed to arrive Saturday but possibly Sunday at the latest!! I can't wait to season her and get started smoking on a lang!!
  18. hardcookin

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    That's awesome!! Will be looking forward to updates.Thumbs Up
  19. She's finally here and this rig is awesome!!! Got it all seasoned up today & doing some ribs & whole chickens tomorrow!!
  20. hardcookin

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    Enjoy your new smoker!

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